We Spoke To Anubis From "RuPaul's Drag Race UK" All About Her Time On The Show

    Anubis brought FIVE options for Snatch Game!

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for RuPaul's Drag Race UK series three. 🚨

    Guys, this is not a drill. RuPaul's Drag Race UK is back for a third season and it premiered last night!

    SPOILER ALERT!!! The lovely Anubis was sent home after lip-syncing against Elektra Fence. We caught up with her to find out how she's feeling, as well as what her time on the show was like!

    BuzzFeed UK: Hey Anubis, how are you?

    Anubis: Hello babe! D'you know what, I'm good. I've had a cup of tea and a party ring, and I'm ready for the day.

    BuzzFeed UK: How does it feel to have finally seen the episodes?

    Anubis: Quite surreal. We've been sitting on this for about seven months, so to finally see it on screen is quite weird. It's also daunting and very stressful, but I enjoyed every single moment to be honest. I'm very proud of myself!

    BuzzFeed UK: Tell us, what's your funniest backstage memory with another queen?

    Anubis: During the runway, Charity had to shower very quickly so she could change into her second look. Obviously, she didn't have much time so I had to go and help her. I was scrubbing her face and back and we had a right ol' time of it. Then she was safe, the cheeky bitch!

    BuzzFeed UK: Who was your best friend in the competition?

    Anubis: I've got quite a few, really. I do genuinely get on with everyone, which I know is a stupid answer. I really got on with Victoria whilst we were filming as well as Krystal and Charity. We were like the main friends, if you like. I think it's because we were thrown together during that first challenge so we stuck like bloody superglue.

    BuzzFeed UK: Do you think anybody in the competition is playing a game?

    Anubis: I wasn't really there long enough to answer that. I think everyone's there to showcase their talent and creativity, especially people like Charity Kase and Victoria Scone – people like that we've never seen on the show before! That's what makes this season so iconic and so camp. We're in for an amazing ride to be honest.

    BuzzFeed UK: When you first walked into the Werkroom, who did you think was your biggest competition?

    Anubis: I'd have to say Charity because we're both quite alternative queens who like to do horror and punk. I think she's such a powerhouse – it was daunting walking in there and knowing she was there too. She's just been in Vogue, she's having tea with Nicole Kidman – it's like bloody hell, what haven't you done, love?

    BuzzFeed UK: At this point in the competition, who are the 'ones to watch'?

    Anubis: I think Charity, Victoria, Ella Vaday are. To be honest, they're all ones to watch! In terms of my personal taste, I think Charity, Victoria, and Krystal all have incredible looks that are so out-of-the-box and polished. They're my top picks for the crown.

    BuzzFeed UK: So who would you like to win?

    Anubis: I need to see a bit more of the season. All we've seen are those two runways and obviously I was the best because I won the episode and got sixteen RuPeter badges. I need to see up until the Snatch Game and then I'll send you a DM.

    BuzzFeed UK: Speaking of Snatch Game, who were you thinking of playing?

    Anubis: I do impersonations in my act all the time so I was very well prepared for that challenge. I can't reveal who I would've played, but I can say I brought five potential characters with me! I think that's the most Snatch Game characters a queen has ever brought with them. But if you want to know who I was planning, you'll have to stay tuned to my social media.

    BuzzFeed UK: Final question – what's one word to sum up your time on the show?

    Anubis: Short.

    BuzzFeed UK: We had a feeling you were going to say that.

    Anubis: Just like Elektra Fence!

    BuzzFeed UK: Well congratulations! We know not making it past the first episode wasn't your plan, but you definitely made an impact and we're excited to see what's next for you.

    Anubis: Thank you, baby! I'm so excited and I'm very proud of all my other girls as well. Send them some love, please! 

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