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    The New "Cinderella" Movie Just Released Its First Trailer, And I'm Already Obsessed

    Billy Porter as a Fabulous Godmother? I'm sold.

    If you weren't already aware, we're getting another Cinderella movie later this year. It's a fresh modern take on the classic story, with a pretty amazing cast to boot.

    Well, feast your eyes on the trailer Amazon Prime Video dropped today, which gives a first look at Camilla and Nicholas, as well as Billy Porter as the fabulous Godmother (or "Fab G") and Idina Menzel as the evil stepmother.

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    Amazon Studios

    The movie will also star Pierce Brosnan as King Rowan, Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice, Missy Elliott as a Town Crier, Beverley Knight in an unspecified role, and James Acaster, Romesh Ranganathan, and James Corden as footmen/mice. The original idea for the film came from James Corden who also produced Cinderella, with Kay Cannon writing and directing the movie.

    This Cinderella will be a bold take on the traditional story we all know. Ella – as she's now going by – is an ambitious young woman who dreams of becoming the next Chanel and opening her own dress-making business.

    But as we all know from the fairytale, Ella has to contend with her evil stepmother and wicked sisters, as well as an old-fashioned, provincial society that ~wants~ her to fail.

    Will a chance meeting at a ball with a handsome prince change her fortune? You'll have to watch and see if this original interpretation takes a Frozen-esque approach, and uproots the classic damsel-in-distress motif!

    The film also incorporates a myriad of pop covers (from the trailer I noted Janet's "Rhythm Nation" and Queen's "Somebody to Love") as well as original songs by Camila and Idina!

    Cinderella will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on 3rd September. I can't wait, can you?