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14 Hilarious Tweets In Response To RDJ, Mark Ruffalo, And Zoe Saldana Standing Up For Chris Pratt After He Was Called "The Worst Chris"

"You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair."

You may have heard that Chris Pratt got roasted by Twitter recently for being "the worst Chris". You can read all of the nitty-gritty here, but basically everyone was choosing him out of the four big Chrises – Hemsworth, Pine, Evans, and Pratt – and he ended up trending on Twitter for being, well, the worst.

Since then, several of his MCU cast mates – including Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., and Zoe Saldana – have all jumped to Chris's defence, prompting people to question why no one supported other MCU actors when they were being harrassed online.

chris pratt lost a “who is the best chris” poll and got called a homophobic trump supporter and rdj, mark, zoe supported him like he got shot or sumn while brie larson got actual death threats and they didn’t say shit, make it make sense

In true Twitter style, people didn't take this kind of double standard lying down, and Chris Pratt is now trending AGAIN. Here are some of the funniest responses to the second wave of this drama:


HEARTWARMING: Celebrities sing "Let's Hear It For the Boy" to show solidarity with Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt after getting rejected for the first time in his life:


not Mark Ruffalo defending Chris Pratt too😔✌️


[twitter collectively decides that chris pratt loses in a game of fuck, marry, kill] chris pratt and all of his coworkers:


mcu cast mcu cast when when female "Chris Pratt ugly" cast mates were harrased online


chris pratt being a nice and fuckable guy is really the hill mark ruffalo, james gunn, robert downey jr and zoe saldana want to die on in 2020


Brie Larson: *gets literal death threats for being a woman* The MCU cast: Chris Pratt: *loses a random twitter poll and follows alt right Republicans* The MCU cast:


People: Chris Pratt is a Trump supporter. He sucks. MCU Cast:


Me @ the MCU cast defending Chris Pratt when they didnt defend Brie, Zendaya and Tessa


chris pratt’s costars: he’s such a great guy don’t judge him by his church chris pratt’s church:


lee pace unfollowed chris pratt so here are some pics of the 6’5” king to celebrate


Anna Faris watching Chris Pratt trend twice w/in a few days for being the absolute worst Chris


yall know who hasn’t defended Chris Pratt yet? the best Chris's


The other Chris’s watching the Chris Pratt drama

We'll keep you updated as this drama continues to unfold, which I'm sure it will.