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    People Are Sharing The Episode With Which Their Favourite TV Show Peaked, And It’s Pretty Interesting

    I've now got a lot of TV to watch!

    Recently we asked you, the good people of the BuzzFeed Community, which episode of your favourite TV show would you make someone watch if you wanted to recommend it to them?

    LifeStyle/Network 10

    You certainly didn't disappoint with your answers! Here are some of the best ones:

    1. "The Box" – Brooklyn Nine-Nine – S5, E14

    Image shows Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta leaning over a table in a police interview room as he faces off with a suspect with Captain Holt in the background
    Fox/Universal/John P. Fleenor

    "It's so brilliant the way Jake spends all of the episode trying to get the suspect to confess, and he finally cracks it at the end with the help of the amazing Captain Holt. This episode is so different compared to the rest of the show, and I love every second of it!"

    — kelseyleb

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    2. "The Winds of Winter" – Game of Thrones – S6, E10

    Image shows a castle exploding with bright green gas

    "This is the one episode I tell people to watch! There's a lot of tragedy, but it's so well done – I rewatch it probably at least once a month. The sequence in which we hear 'Light of the Seven' playing as tension builds in the Great Sept –  meanwhile Cersei is waiting for her plan to unfold in the Red Keep – is flawless!"

    — folivora

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    3. "Jeremy Bearimy" – The Good Place – S3, E4

    Michael and Janet from The Good Place stand in a classroom and look concerned at someone out of frame
    Colleen Hayes / NBC

    "The Good Place might be my favourite show of all time, and this is one of my favourite episodes. Whether it’s Michael and Janet’s wild aliases, or Chidi’s meltdown and chilli recipe, this episode is great!"

    — postl

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    4. "The Body" – Buffy the Vampire Slayer – S5, E16

    Close up of Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy in her home looking concerned at something off camera
    The WB

    "The lack of music, the absolutely incredible performances from all of the actors, plus the sound of me sobbing throughout the whole thing makes for an incredible episode."

    — thetimble

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    5. "...Said I'm Sorry" – Never Have I Ever – S1, E10

    Devi and John McEnroe in a still from Never Have I Ever stand on the cliff of a beach together looking at something off camera

    "I've binge-watched that series like ten times and that episode always brings me to tears. It's the kind of writing every show needs."

    — frenchfriesandramen2007


    Gotta shout out #NeverHaveIEver for my next #favescene vid! So much was leading up to this & it was beautiful 💗 #fyp #goviral #netflix #britstok

    ♬ Title - Meghan Trainor

    6. "Midnight" – Doctor Who – S4, 10

    Close up of David Tennant as the Doctor looking alarmed with a man out of focus to the side of him

    "It was psychologically terrifying and the acting was phenomenal."

    — lvi

    "Not only does it have a chilling message and a perfect execution, it's an episode anyone can watch, no matter how well they know the show."

    — shellezbellez

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    7. "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" – Gilmore Girls – S3, E7

    Lorelai and Rory wear brightly coloured 1950s style dresses makeup and hair and dance together in a town hall in a still from Gilmore Girls
    The WB

    "A perfect episode – great writing, excellent acting, and an amazing focus on the character dynamics that make the show great."

    — sjpalmer

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    8. "The Bent-Neck Lady" – The Haunting of Hill House – S1, E5

    Nell and her family from The Haunting of Hill House stand at the bottom of a staircase looking at an unseen figure

    "I love the twist at the end of the episode – it was just so shocking!"

    — fuzzywuzzykoala

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    Before you watch, please bear in mind this clip includes a depiction of suicide.

    9. "Hex and the Single Guy" – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – S4, E7

    Will Smith appears with members of the Banks family in a cluttered boudoir belonging to a psychic who is also pictured in extravagant costume
    Chris Haston / NBCU Photo Bank / Via Getty Images

    "That séance scene always has me dead (pun intended 💀)."

    — yessirbrebre_26

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    10. "Breach" – Line of Duty – S3, E6

    A police officer played by Vicky McClure points a large black gun at an unseen object and looks poised to shoot
    Mark Bourdillon/BBC

    "It's the peak of the whole show! Our heroes start the episode on the back foot, and then slowly twist it around to win the day. Add in the most badass street chase, which proves once and for all that Kate and Steve's traditional gender roles are so completely not what you expect."

    — sewsovrov

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    11. "Stress Relief" – The Office – S5 E14 and S5 E15

    Steve Carrell is on his knees performing CPR on an unseen patient dummy while a woman in purple observes him in a still from The Office

    "It starts strong with the fake fire opening, and then gets progressively more funny with the CPR training and the roast of Michael. When I watch it, I like to think about how much fun the actors must have had filming it."

    — serquackington

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    12. "Changing Channels" – Supernatural – S5, E8

    Dean and Sam from Supernatural are pictured in a hospital dressed as doctors
    Jack Rowand/The CW/Warner Bros.

    "It has great humour and still contains all things supernatural. It also doesn’t spoil any plot, and you could definitely watch it without much context."

    — emily_davis

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    13. Fleabag – S2, E3

    Phoebe Waller Bridge converses in a church with Andrew Scott in his role as hot priest in a still from Fleabag
    Luke Varley/BBC

    "It's gotta be the episode when Hot Priest breaks the fourth wall. I got so startled when he turned around, and it made me realise how intimate a connection we had made with Fleabag. It was just pure genius and will stay with me for a long time."

    — happiehedgehog

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    14. "Everyone's Waiting" – Six Feet Under – S5, E12

    Three members of the Fisher family appear much older and sit at the beside of their matriarch

    "A beautiful and perfect ending to an incredible show; it makes me cry every time."

    — cosmocat

    "My favourite series finale ever! And it also introduced me to the beauty of 'Breathe Me' by Sia."

    — awesomeamanda523

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    15. "Gganbu" (깐부) – Squid Game – S1, E6

    Contestants from the Squid Game series enter a brightly coloured room patrolled by guards looking confused
    Youngkyu Park/Netflix

    "The sacrifice, the betrayal, and the friendship – all were beautifully captured and it left me sobbing. Definitely the best episode, although I will never get over Ali."

    — lucia_m

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    16. "The Getaway" – Dexter – S4, E12

    Michael C. Hall as Dexter wears a blue shirt and smoulders
    Showtime/Everett Collection

    "I thought the entire fourth season with the Trinity Killer was amazing, and that ending was just... wow."

    — cosmocat

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    17. "The Fight" – Parks and Recreation – S3, E13

    Amy Poehler as Leslie holds a drink and looks inebriated in a still from Parks and Rec

    "It's hilarious from the very first moment in the cold open when Ron asks who broke the coffee machine and they end up accusing each other. The best part is when they are all drunk on Snakejuice – Ron is dancing, April is speaking Spanish, and Ben and Tom are drunkenly rambling. Pure comedy gold honestly."

    — courtnie13

    "Absolutely genius and hilarious! It also includes the introduction of Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin."

    — nattyiscool

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    18. "Adjournment" – The Queen's Gambit – S1, E6

    Anya Taylor Joy as Beth Harmon looks up at the ceiling as she sits in her underwear on a couch looking drained

    "It is the final episode, but it showcases how far Beth has come since the start of the series. The music, the cinematography, the costuming – everything works together! You don't need to understand chess to watch this show because it's beautiful and heartbreaking and wonderful to all."

    — gracie27

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    19. "Nationals" – Glee – S3, E21

    Members of the Glee club celebrate on stage Will Schuster wears a suit and holds a trophy meanwhile Rachel wears a bright red dress a hugs Artie

    "It has the normal drama and humour of Glee, along with some of the best songs and standout emotional scenes. It just has a great balance of being funny and heartwarming, whilst giving the OGs a great send off."

    — neonsaz

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    20. "Chapter X" – Dear White People – S1, E10

    Adam Rose/Netflix

    "The first season is so brilliant, and the final episode with the protest at the town hall is so full of tension and drama. Lionel and Troy both get moments to shine, and Coco and Sam actually learn from each other. It's just great TV!"

    — jez456

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    21. "The Constant" – Lost – S4, E5

    A man looks very relieved whilst pushing his hair out of his face and holding a big red phone to his ear

    "There were so many good episodes of Lost (and some bad ones too), but I always return to "The Constant" as the perfect episode. The acting, as well as a mixture of classic weird and heartwarming moments, it's just awesome!"

    – AwesomeAmanda523

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    22. "Life Is a Cabaret" – Schitt's Creek – S5, E14

    Stevie from Schitt's Creek talks to Moira out of frame wearing a black wig and a fluffy pink 1920s style outfit

    "I put it on whenever I'm feeling blue and it instantly cheers me up! You are still riding the high of Patrick and David's engagement, and then you get these amazing musical numbers... it is just SO good."

    — allisonstull

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    23. "Middle Ground" – The Wire – S3, E11


    "Some of the realest acting I've ever seen. Wood Harris and Idris Elba always kill it."

    — dalemcmahon123

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    24. "The One Where Ross Got High" – Friends – S6, E9

    NBC / NBCU Photo Bank / Via Getty Images

    "A very underrated episode. Monica and Ross telling each other's secrets and the other three joining in with their own, Rachel making an awful dessert and Joey actually liking it – it was so funny!"

    — itsmeshahbano

    "I love it when Judy Geller finally says, 'that’s a lot of information to get in 30 seconds. That scene is so brilliant; the entire episode is super funny!"

    — raphaeldelarie

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    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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