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22 Actors Who've Made A Career Off Of Playing The Same Person Over And Over

"Fight me."

Recently, I wrote a post about our favourite Hollywood stalwarts who often get stuck in a rut playing the same character over and over. Well, it seems I missed a few people out because the comments were ~overflowing~ with names! Here are a few more suggestions courtesy of YOU:

1. Channing Tatum

Warner Bros. Pictures

"Always the sweet, dumb jock who’s struggling to be understood e.g. She's the Man, Step Up, Magic Mike, etc."


2. Zooey Deschanel


"'I can sing and am quirky' – that's pretty much the whole thing."


3. Vince Vaughn

20th Century Fox

"He plays a grown-up version of his Swingers character in every movie."


"He does the same schtick in a few movies – The Break-Up, Wedding Crashers, Couples Retreat etc. It’s funny, but he's definitely repeated it loads!"


4. Judy Greer

Universal Pictures

"Whenever I think of an actor being typecast, I immediately think of Judy Greer."


"What about Judy Greer as every rom-bom best friend ever?!"


5. Will Smith

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"I finally saw Aladdin. Did I think he did a bad job? No, but I felt like he was just like his character in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but as a genie."


"Don't get me wrong, I love him and he's entertaining, but #1 should have been Will Smith."


6. Kristen Stewart

Miramax Films

"Ah, the emotionally-distant gal who always has guys idolising her as perfect!"


7. Mark Wahlberg

Paramount Pictures

"He always portrays a washed up ex-cop with a Bostonian accent ready for one last score."


"Hey, now! He was also once a washed up ex-boxer with a Bostonian accent ready for one last score."


8. Emma Watson

Summit Entertainment

"I am sorry, but the queen of playing-herself-in-every-movie Emma Watson is missing. I love that girl, but she is one of the worst British actors ever!"


9. Miles Teller

Open Road Films

"He literally just plays the same guy in every film; he's always an unapologetic, raging asshole."


10. Jackie Chan

Sony Pictures Releasing

"How about Jackie Chan who literally plays Jackie Chan in pretty much everything lol?"


11. Gwyneth Paltrow

Buena Vista Pictures

"I'm sorry but she feels very one note to me 🤷🏾‍♀️."


12. Ben Schwartz


"He is an incredibly talented actor (see Standing Up, Falling Down), but he always gets cast as the social media-obsessed arrogant tool, or the hyperactive man-child. To be fair, he does play those roles very well."


13. George Clooney

Warner Bros. Pictures

"Can’t believe no one mentioned him – in every movie he’s... well... George Clooney."


14. Octavia Spencer

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"She's always the moral compass or an advisor type – let her be a compelling main character for once!"


15. Seth Rogen

Dale Robinette/Sony Pictures Releasing

"His roles always seem to be just him playing Seth Rogen – a chubby stoner who is usually opposite James Franco."


16. Jack Black

Paramount Pictures

"How is Jack Black not on this list? He plays the same character in EVERY film. Jack Black plays Jack Black plays Jack Black plays Jack Black."


17. Ryan Reynolds

Richard Cartwright/Universal Pictures

"Let's be honest, he always play the snarky asshole."


18. Kevin James

Columbia Pictures

"I'm sorry, but Kevin James has played the same loser try-hard guy for the last twenty years! I can't with all the movies he puts out that showcase his ZERO range – from Hitch to Grown Ups to that stupid Mall Cop movie."


19. Anna Faris

Happy Madison Productions/Sony Pictures Releasing

"I hate to say it because she's a freaking boss, but I think Anna has no range. She's just Cindy across the board, isn't she?"


20. Nicolas Cage

Anchor Bay Films

"Two words – Nicolas. Cage."


21. Jesse Eisenberg

Sony Pictures Releasing

"It's like, the character name changes but the vibe is always the same – nerdy, anxious, vaguely arrogant. Give me one example that doesn't fit that description."


22. Denzel Washington

Warner Bros. Pictures/Summit Entertainment

"Fight me."


Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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