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12 Lovely British Quizzes For You Take From June And July

Summer quizzes are the best quizzes.

ATTENTION: this is not a quiz, it's a collection of fun quizzes from May 2021 — in one place for your convenience!

1. People Are Voting On How These 15 Common First Names Should Be Spelled


Brittany or Britney? Take the quiz here.

2. The "Shrek" Films Pay Homage To Loads Of Iconic Movies, But I Bet You Can't Guess Which Ones

DreamWorks Pictures

From Old Hollywood to Marvel – which ones can you spot? Take the quiz here.

3. Let's See If You Have The Same "Love Island" 2021 Hot Takes As Everyone Else


What are we saying about Casa Amor?? Take the quiz here.

4. 149 Countries Have Won Medals At The Olympics, How Many Can You Name?

Getty Images

If you can name them all you deserve a medal! Take the quiz here.

5. How Controversial Are Your "Never Have I Ever" Opinions Compared To Everybody Else's?

Netflix/Angela Weiss/AFP / Getty Images

Should it be Benvi or Daxton?? Take the quiz here.

7. Which "Love Island" UK 2021 Contestant Is Your Soulmate?


Who is 100% your type on paper? Take the quiz here.

8. Who Is The G.O.A.T. Reality Star?

Getty Images

There can only be one. Take this quiz here.

9. If You Can Name 10/12 Of These “In The Heights” Characters, You're A Musical Theatre Nerd

Macall Polay/Warner Bros. Pictures

¡Buena suerte! Take the quiz here.

11. Are You More Like Natasha Or Yelena From "Black Widow" – Answer These 11 Questions To Find Out

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I mean, there's no bad outcome here. Take the quiz here.

12. It's Time To Find Out How Well You Remember The First "Space Jam" Movie

Warner Bros.

Calling all '90s kids! Take the quiz here.

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