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21 Ways To Make Your Life Infinitely Better In 2017

A big NOPE to rigid resolutions that fill you with dread.

New idea: You don't need to commit yourself to new habits and behaviors you actually dread in an effort to become a more evolved version of yourself in the new year.

If you do feel like putting some extra effort into practicing self-care and enjoying yourself as you do it, we have some ideas.

1. Actually say "no" to going out when you just want to stay in.

NBC / Via

The only thing that feels better than bailing is not even having to in the first place.

2. Stop reading a book as soon as you realize it's boring AF/you hate it.

@theempressoftea / Via

Actually, no, I didn't read that. *beams, pats self on back*

3. Leave your Sundays wide open so that you end the weekend doing exactly what you want to do.

iHeartRadio / Via

Goodbye, busy Sundays packed with socializing and obligations. Hello, pajamas, Netflix, and snacks.

4. Teach yourself how to mix your favorite cocktail.

@joelsadventures / Via

Becoming a master mixologist + saving some money on drinking out = life success.

5. Or maybe even start to collect the makings of a home bar.

Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed / Via

A kickass bar really ties the room together and makes you look like a complete boss. Here's how to get started.

6. And also learn how to brew a delicious cup of coffee.

@rockkava / Via

Even if you just choose one thing to upgrade — like getting fresher beans or learning a kickass brew method (like a French press or Chemex or this $11 travel mug pour-over brewer) — your coffee will get exponentially more delicious. Bonus: Investing a bit up front will obvs save you some coin on buying a cup of coffee every morning. Here is your coffee primer and here are some coffee hacks.

7. Learn how to take an amazing selfie.

Sheridan Watson / BuzzFeed / Via

Take 1,000% fewer photos in an attempt to get that one post-worthy selfie with these tips.

8. Commit to silencing your phone more often so you can enjoy uninterrupted "me" time.

9. Actually take your lunch breaks.

@happilyevereby / Via

Even if you sit at your desk scrolling through Instagram while you eat, at least stop working for a sec.

10. And even your vacation days for that matter.

@vasiliki_kefalopoulou / Via

Taking time off > burning out, hitting the wall, feeling like an empty husk of a human being.

11. Stop doing a kind of exercise you hate.


Life hack: Don't make yourself do something you literally dread.

12. And find some kind of movement you love.

@curlybambs / Via

Dancing, rock climbing, Hula-Hooping, martial arts, whatEVER. Just make it something you actually enjoy while you're doing it.

13. Actually eat breakfast (every now and again) by mastering simple, delicious breakfast toasts.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed / Via

Breakfast isn't a magical health elixir, but it is a delicious way to start the morning, which sets you up for feeling great. Get 21 ideas here.

14. Instead of eliminating certain foods from your diet, add more nutritious and delicious stuff.

@foodheavenshow / Via

Here are a bunch of ways to eat more fruit and veggies.

15. Make a standing date to FaceTime with your long-distance BFF.

No, you hang up first.

16. Practice accepting compliments.

Logo / Via

*blushes, mumbles, averts eyes*

17. Finally say buh-bye to anyone whose feed you hate-read.

Shannon Rosenberg / Via

A simple mute/unfollow works wonders. If you're feeling frisky, give 'em a block. Here's your step-by-step guide to saying bye to a-holes.

18. Reread all the Harry Potter books.

@laura_i_j / Via

Fact: It's never not a good time to do this. Seriously. Do this right now.

19. Set up an auto-transfer that puts $5 in your savings account every week.

@danikajam / Via

You won't even know it was there.

20. And after 52 weeks, take yourself and a special someone out with that ~$260.

@elricobellingan / Via

It's like free money, people.

21. Show yourself some love each and every time you do something for self-care.

Like for example when you make resolutions that aren't torture.

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