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    Here's The Truth About Breakfast And Weight Loss

    To skip or not to skip.

    Breakfast is delicious; we all know that.

    And you've probably heard that it's the most important meal of the day.

    It turns out that the evidence supporting the idea that breakfast is necessary, or even very important, is pretty questionable.

    On the other hand, the evidence that we don't really know if breakfast makes a difference is very strong.

    Of course, this doesn't mean that breakfast is definitely pointless, either.

    So, the research is kind of all over the place. But IRL are there any benefits to eating breakfast?

    The answer is that it basically depends on your goals, your appetite, and your lifestyle.

    Obviously, if you wake up starving and need something in your belly to function, you should eat breakfast.

    If you're interested in managing or losing weight, eating breakfast could help.

    Breakfast might also help you eat more healthily in general.

    That said, don't make your breakfast all about the carbs.

    If you can swing it, a balanced meal of whole foods would be ideal.

    In conclusion, breakfast might be magical for you and your life. But it might also be just another meal.