7 Totally Do-Able Ways To Get Some Exercise In This Week

    Quick ways to move a little bit more.

    1. Instead of doing a million crunches, focus on just two expert-recommended moves.

    As BuzzFeed Health has reported, core exercises that also activate the shoulders or hips are most effective for working your abs. Learn how to do the Swiss ball rollout (above left) and Swiss ball pike (above right) here.

    2. Combine your cardio and strength routines into one workout.

    3. Make couch time a little more active with an easy-does-it workout.

    4. Introduce your butt to two beginner-friendly glute exercises you can do at home.

    Glute bridges (above left) and hip thrusts (above right) come highly recommended by the experts for anyone who wants to work their butt. They're especially great if you spend lots of time sitting. You can do them at home with just your bodyweight or add weights to make them even more challenging.

    5. Get in a 10-minute upper body workout by throwing on a rockin' three-song playlist.

    6. Spend a few minutes teaching yourself how to actually do these important moves correctly.

    7. Loosen up your hips and back with a short sequence.