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9 Incredible Ways To Get A Cardio Workout That Aren't All Running

The cure for the common cardio.

Sometimes you just don't want to go running. That's why BuzzFeed Life asked personal trainers of all different backgrounds to tell us their favorite fun ways to get a killer cardio workout.

Check them out below — there are workouts for indoors and outdoors, workouts you can do alone or with friends, or even with a dog. They can all be made easier or more difficult to match your fitness level.

(Also a couple of them do include some running.)

1. For a ton of burn in just 10 minutes (and two moves):

2. Indoor cycling to a beat:

3. For a quick strength and cardio workout you can do in a small space:

4. For a one-mile run broken up with bodyweight exercises you can do almost anywhere:

5. For a fun workout you can do with two friends:

6. For a quick workout with plenty of jumping:

7. For a fun running workout your dog will love:

8. For a full-body workout you can do with just an indoor rower:

9. For anyone who wants to run a mile and do 100 squats, nbd:

Now go get that cardio!

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