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33 Products To Help Disorganized People Get Their Shit Together

Because let's be honest, you're not going to DIY anything.

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2. Use this tablet pouch that has elastic bands on the outside to hold all of your gadgets in one place.

This is excellent for traveling, shoving in your backpack, or just keeping things on your desk in one place.

Price: $23.79

3. Use these drawer organizers to help you keep track of your crap.

Drawer organizers are not just for the kitchen! You can also use them for your junk drawers or in your bathroom. These ones are mix-and-match, so you can get what you need based on the size of your drawers.

Price: the silver mesh inserts are $2.49–$5.99 each and the acrylic stackable inserts are $2.49–$4.99.


4. Use over-the-door shoe bags to keep your shoes or even cleaning supplies organized.

When you have a place to put your stuff, you're more likely to actually use it instead of throwing things on the floor or shoving them in your closet.

Price: $29.


9. Use a damn coat or purse hanger to keep your shit off the ground.

If you don't have a coat closet, this is gonna be your lifesaver. Just toss your coats or your purses/backpack on the hooks instead of throwing them on the floor or laying them over a chair.

Price: $39.99.


12. Use baskets for everything!

Baskets are the lazy person's No. 1 organizing trick. You can basically just throw stuff in a basket and your place will look so much more organized. Use big ones for blankets, or baskets that fit into your shelving to hold clothing, chargers, books, Tupperware, or anything else you need a place for.

Price: $14.99 each.

13. Use a corkboard to keep all your important bills, tickets, and notices in one visible place.

This is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your shitshow of a desk organized. No more lost, unpaid bills or concert tickets gone missing.

Price: $5.99

14. Use a countertop organizer or a shower caddy to keep your makeup and toiletries organized.

You can use regular mason jars or cups to hold your makeup inside the caddy, and just affix it with a Command Hook.

Find the acrylic countertop organizer for $24.99 and a basic shower caddy for $16.


17. Keep your belts organized instead of throwing them on your dresser or trying to just drape them over a hanger.

It will reduce clutter and take up no more space than a light jacket hanging in your closet. You can also set a Command Hook on your closet door and just hang this on it so your belts are more visible.

Price: $6.99.


20. Get a bag dispenser to keep all your plastic bags in one place, not just shoved underneath your sink.

You can get one that mounts to your wall or inner cabinet, or you can use a fabric one that can hook on to a door knob or Command Hook.

Price: The wall-mounted dispenser is $9.99 and the fabric dispenser is $12.

22. Keep your Q-tips or cotton pads organized on your countertop by giving them a cute place to live.

You can also just use plain jars — either way, if they're easily accessible it's less likely that you'll make a mess searching for them or throwing them under the sink every morning.

Price: $12.

23. Keep all of your cleaning tools in one place with a wall-mounted broom and mop holder.

Alternatively, use a bunch of Command Hooks and some twine to tie a loop around the bottom of your tools and hang them up. If you don't see it already, Command Hooks are pretty much your new best friend.

Price: $12.89.


28. Use this caddy to keep unruly kitchen cleaning tools in one place.

Don't let your sponges or brushes lay in their own filth on your countertop. This caddy has little holes at the bottom so the sponges can drain properly.

Price: $13.59.

33. And finally, use the LastPass password keeper to make your brain hurt less and keep your sticky-note clutter to a minimum.

You can sync it on your phone as well by downloading the app so you're never without your passwords. You just need to remember the one that logs you in —don't fuck it up.

Price: FREE! Download it here.