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23 Things For Anyone Whose Love For "30 Rock" Never Died

Oh, you don't like 30 Rock? THAT'S A DEAL BREAKER.

1. This Sabor De Soldedad shirt that doesn't contain any evaporated bull semen.

2. This Night Cheese Print that Jack would probably get Liz for her apartment.

3. This Liz Lemon pop art print that reminds us *we can have it all!*

4. The 30 Rock Soundtrack on iTunes aka the only thing you need to hear forever.

5. This very spooky Werewolf Bar Mitzvah print.

6. This cross stitch with an important message from Tracy.

7. This magnet that captured Liz's best *oh brother* moment.

8. This pack of pencils that can't curse on TV.

9. This Shark Week mug that will help you take on the day.

10. This cross stitch hoop that applies to all humans.

11. This laptop sticker that perfectly embodies Kenneth's utter nonsense.

12. Any of Frank's amazing hats.

13. This Leap Day William t-shirt that you can actually wear this year!

14. This graphic iPhone case that makes Frank look clean for once.

15. This print that lets everyone know how famous you are and exactly what they should do about it.

16. This TGS "Duck!" slogan shirt that only the most dedicated fans will understand.

17. This print that is perfect for your inner Jenna.

18. This card from Jack Donaghy that is full of wisdom.

19. This Sheinhardt Universal shirt that proves you don't care about children or their orange skin.

20. These greeting cards that will encourage people to always laugh at their own jokes.

21. This magnet that shows off Jack's *piercing blue eyes of a Siberian husky.*

22. This Kenneth the Page uniform t-shirt that is 100% amazing.

23. These actual muffin tops that are *ALL THAT.*