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This Is What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising up in ranking. This week: Watermelon Kegs and Sonic Screwdrivers!

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called β€œMovers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

This week in weird and smart Amazon purchases, people are getting ready to party hard.

1. This travel charger and power adapter that allows you to charge up to four devices at one time ($11.99).

Most promising review: "This is very useful if you need to charge more than one device at a time but don't want them to be scattered all over the room. With this, I charge my iPhone, partner's phone, iPad and portable power bank at the same time." β€”Roy Dark

Get it here.

2. This medieval-looking grill rack that holds 12 chicken legs for smoking and cooking ($14.95).

Most promising review: "This is a great way to cook legs. It fits perfectly in my Green Egg. The legs stay moist because all the fat from the skin bathes the meaty part of the leg since it's hanging downward. It has been a great purchase." β€”Casey Harden

Get it here.

3. This Darth Vader shirt that is perfect for the dad who belongs to the Dark Side ($14.99 to $20.99).

Most promising review: "As it turns out, Darth Vader was NOT a great father figure in the Star Wars movies. I now think this shirt is meant to be ironic, or it must be some sort of misprint." β€”Topher

Get it here.

4. This temporary tattoo paper that you can use to make custom temp-tats ($10.40).

Customer image

Or to test out a design before taking a more permanent plunge.

Most promising review: "This stuff was great! I needed a bold tattoo for a Halloween costume and it really scared my stepmom into thinking it was real!" β€”Lisa Aitch

Get it here.

5. These chocolate spoon molds that you can use for coffee stirrers or even for melting into hot chocolate ($6.99).

Most promising review: "These are super cute silicone chocolate molds! The silicone construction makes them easy to use and very easy to "un mold". The other nice thing about them is that the set will make a total of a dozen spoons at one time." β€”Peggy M.

Get it here.

6. These stemless wine glasses that will reduce the likelihood of you spilling all over yourself or the floor ($15.99 for four).

Most promising review: "I love these glasses. They fit perfectly in the palm, they are stable and durable, and light but not breakable. They also clean well in the dishwasher." β€”Irina M.

Get it here.

7. This black-light body paint that you definitely need for your next rave or night-time 5k ($14.99).

Most promising review: "This paint is great for concerts or just for clubbing. It is a thick paint in which a little does go a long way. It applies easily and dries quickly. It doesn't smear or run while sweating. It also washes off easily with soap and water." β€”Maddysmom1106

Get it here.

8. This watermelon keg-tapping kit that will make you feel ~drunk in love~ with this sweet fruit ($19.98).

You'll have to gut, blend and strain the inside of the watermelon before putting it back inside the rind, but it makes a really cool presentation. Add vodka or tequila if you want!

Most promising review: "This thing is soooo cool! I used it the day I got it for a party we had, and everyone loved it! Kids and adults alike. It was definitely a hit! And it worked very well!" β€”Dayna S

Get it here.

9. This stainless-steel chainmail scrubber that will help you keep your cast-iron skillet clean and free of nasty bits ($16.99).

Most promising review: "Great product. I use it on all my cast iron. It allows me to scrub off the carbonized food without really damaging the seasoning." β€”John E. Miller

Get it here.

10. This pore-erasing makeup primer that will make your skin look ~flawless~ AF ($5.08).

Most promising review: "Love this. Makes my face feel ridiculously soft while filling in all those unwanted pores. My foundation goes on as smooth as could be. This little tube goes a very long way and definitely helps me achieve flawless coverage." β€”Jeremy Kodf

Get it here.

11. These "massagers" that are advertised as neck and shoulder "tension relievers" but are definitely just mini vibrators ($11.99).

The best part is that the brand is called "Sexy Slave" yet they suggest you use these at your desk at work to relieve neck pain. I mean it probably works for that too, but...let's be honest here.

Most promising review: "These personal massagers are really great. They have 10 different settings and run using an AAA battery. These can be used as pressure point massagers to relieve tension in your neck, back and any other body part. But we all know what these are truly meant for, and that is intimate play. These are amazing for using both alone and with a partner. The vibration is quite strong and the different pulses feels amazing." β€”Slr

Get it here.

12. This "Smart Bean" portable Bluetooth receiver that helps you listen to music and answer your phone hands-free and converts your car audio system to Bluetooth ($10.99).

For portable use, your phone just has to be within Bluetooth-friendly distance from the Bean, which just clips onto your purse or clothes.

Most promising review: "Exactly what I was looking for. I was able to use this in my car and now have my iphone as my music player. I also tried it on a few calls and it works great! I love the built-in clip design. Also works on my home stereo. So many uses for this. Happy I bought the product." β€”Theness

Get it here.

13. This high-waisted bikini that comes in a variety of cute polka-dot patterns and color variations ($19.99 to $23.99).

Most promising review: "This bathing suit is very cute and fits perfectly. I love it!" β€”Chakeila Smith

Get it here.

14. This K-beauty peel-off eyebrow gel tint that lasts for a few days at a time so you can save time on your makeup routine ($8.16).

Most promising review: "This is my favorite beauty product right now. I love the looks of filled and defined eyebrows, but I don't always have the time to do my makeup every day. This is perfect if you are always on the go. Easy to apply, even for someone with not-so-great makeup skills." β€”Melissa T.

Get it here.

15. This Diva Cup that is a much more sustainable alternative to tampons and pads for ladies who hate dealing with and paying for their periods ($25.99).

Customer image

Buy it once, use it for years. Some people also swear by this as a way to help with cramps.

Most promising review: "Great, no leakage and held in place for a full 12-hour day! Used it while biking and lifting β€” absolutely no problems." β€”Amazon Customer

Get it here.

16. These water balloon fillers that make it easy to prepare for water wars on hot summer days ($16.29).

Most promising review: "Beware, balloon-tossing children. The parental equalizer is here. We may have rotten aim, but what we lack in targeting, we make up for in volume." β€”Ria

Get them here.

17. This coconut milk body scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes your skin ($18.00).

Most promising review: "I have super sensitive skin so I'm always worried when trying a new product. Let me just say this product is fabulous...great smell, great exfoliator, and left my skin feeling soft." β€”Carebear

Get it here.

18. This light-up Sonic Screwdriver with sound effects that any Doctor Who fan would love to play with ($19.95).

Most promising review: "You can never have too many Sonic Screwdrivers." β€”Marie Thorne

Get it here.

To see what else is trending on Amazon, check out the Movers and Shakers section.

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