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    31 Things For Anyone Whose Home Lacks Personality

    No time like the present to add a little spice to your home.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of six 8" x 10" desert cactus prints that make creating a boho gallery wall effortless. And since they come unframed you get to add a bit of your own personality with your frame selection.

    2. A faux leather Moroccan pouf for kicking your feet up in style. Another great addition to any boho-inspired interior that looks way more expensive than it is.

    Reviewer's light brown leather pouf is styled in a room.

    3. A moon phase garland to add celestial vibes to your bedroom. The gold will add just the right amount of glitz and glam to wherever it's hung.

    4. A small eye rug that'll show off your ~eye~ for design. It comes in both round and rectangular shapes, and will look great on its own or layered over a more simple rug.

    Reviewer's rug with an eye illustration is displayed on the floor

    5. A trendy iridescent and wavy mirror to add a statement piece to any wall. If you're lacking in wall space, feed two birds with one scone with a mirror that also looks like a piece of art.

    6. A tiny lamp that'll create a full-blown sunset or sunrise right in your room. Perfect for someone whose space doesn't get an adequate amount of natural light.

    7. A faux monstera for folks who want to be a plant parent but aren't ready for the commitment. Monsteras are one of the most popular houseplants for a reason — they're gorgeous — but the upkeep can be daunting. Readers swear this faux one looks very realistic.

    Reviewer's artificial plant shows how tall it is

    8. A woven throw with a botanical theme that could double as wall art if tapestries are your vibe. Plus, adding fiber art to any wall helps with acoustics! This could literally help you dampen the sound if you have noisy neighborhoods.

    A person holds up the blanket in front of a wall

    9. A velvet statement chair that comes in over 22 colors. A great way to add some glam to your home office is with a statement chair that readers say is also super comfortable! Because you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for style.

    Reviewer's pink velvet chair for their desk

    10. A bouquet of felt flowers sure to outlast traditional cut flowers, which is great for busy people who love the look of flowers but get bummed when they have to throw them out after a week.

    11. A faux sheepskin rug to have you thinking you're walking on clouds. Plus, it doubles as a sofa or chair covering for added chicness.

    Reviewer's nursery with a crib with the rug right in front

    12. A loopy gold vanity that's just as glamorous as you are. Imagine how pretty your various potions and creams will look displayed atop this absolute beauty.

    Glass-topped vanity with looped wire detailing and an oval mirror

    13. A pair of barstools available in 15 colors to choose from. The easiest way to add some flair to any space is with accessories that add a pop of color.

    Reviewer's kitchen with orange barstools

    14. A Rubik's Cube tissue box cover that has over 2,000 positive reviews. This is a great conversation piece that won't take up much space.

    Reviewer's tissue box that looks like a Rubik's Cube on a table

    15. A cat-like toilet brush for an absolutely purrrfect way to add some personality to your bathroom. Because who said toilet brushes had to be boring?

    Reviewer's toilet brush in the corner of a bathroom shows the scale of the product

    16. A set of five flameless candles that will light up a room without the risky business of actual lit candles. These are such a breeze: the LEDs last for about 150 hours before you need to swap out the battery, they have a timer setting so you can schedule them to turn off when you want, and they're wireless so you control them with a remote control.

    17. A peel-and-stick wallpaper to get you the farmhouse look without splurging on pricey shiplap. Plus, it has over 4,800 5-star reviews.

    18. A ladder-style blanket rack so you can stop piling your throw blankets on the sofa and instead beautifully display them. Because what's the point of collecting beautiful throws if you're not going to show them off?

    19. A zig-zag bookshelf that gives you an artful way to display your favorite books. Not only is it cool and clever, but it's a great small-space solution.

    Reviewer's zig zag bookshelf holds many books

    20. Geometric candles sure to ~light up a room~ with their fun shapes. Talk about a conversation piece!

    A squiggly aqua colored candle, a curvy white pillar candle, and a reddish half circle candle

    21. An adjustable stick figure floor lamp that you can bend into any position you'd like. Seriously, how cool is this floor lamp? Your options are limitless when it comes to positioning and styling it.

    22. A funky banana tea towel to add a slice of humor to your kitchen. This is an easy way to add some flavor to a bland kitchen, especially if you're a renter and don't want to make any cosmetic changes.

    A tea towel shows a close up of what the banana pattern looks like

    23. A tortilla blanket that will wrap you up like your favorite burrito. Yes, it'll keep you warm, but more importantly you'll be wrapped up like a burrito.

    Reviewer is on a bed is wrapped in the tortilla blanket

    24. A window film for one part privacy, one part party. Unsightliness outside of a window is a far too common problem, so fix it with a a window film that does more than just blocks it out. Let the rainbows in!

    25. A high pile, tufted wool rug to add a bit of whimsy to your floors. Plus, its neutral colors make it an easy fit for nearly any type of interior.

    A rug with an illustration of a cheetah is playfully drawn on top of a more traditional rug, giving the illusion that there are two rugs layered on top of each other

    26. A snazzy record player that comes in a suitcase. Better yet: it's available in over 20 colors and patterns, so there's something for any style and personality.

    27. A nightstand with geometric mirrored fronts and intricate wood pattern, perfect for creating a focal point in your bedroom.

    Reviewer's nightstand is placed next to the bed in the corner of a room

    28. A pair of colorful and textured throw pillow covers to add a pop of color to a neutral sofa. Plus, there's over 28 colors to choose from, so you're sure to find something that matches your aesthetic.

    Reviewer's grey sofa in a living room has two sets of colorful throw pillows on it

    29. A set of three succulent planters that come with bamboo trays. The trays will help capture the water that will drain from the bottom of the pot, so no more water stains on your wood furniture.

    Reviewer's closeup of the three planters showing off the intricate patterns of each one

    30. An easy-to-install, color-changing showerhead able to cycle through seven different colors. Because who needs to go to the club when YOU ARE THE CLUB.

    Reviewer's series of photos shows the color-changing shower head in a bathtub

    31. A super sleek glass and faux marble coffee table that has an angled shelf that's perfect for storing electronics or displaying books.

    Reviewer's rectangular faux marble and glass coffee table in the middle of a living room

    Now let's get to shopping!