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    20 Splurge-Worthy Things From Anthropologie That'll Help Turn Your House Into Your Dream Home

    Indulge your champagne tastes with these unique pieces.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A live-edge bed frame to bring a natural warmth to your home no matter the season. This neutral frame can work with anything from crisp white to boho patterned bedding and will last you for years to come.

    2. A waterfall console table for endless ways to give a great first impression in your entryway. Add decorative storage baskets underneath to store shoes, blankets, and pet accessories.

    the table in striped white and gold colors

    3. A leather accent chair that's so much more than your dad's leather club chair. With interesting lines and wood accents, this updated classic will add richness to any room.

    4. A bath cabinet because your lavishly curated skincare routine deserves to be on full display. Use the two drawers at the bottom to hide all the products you don't want in the limelight.

    the cabinet in white with bathroom accessories in it

    5. A dining table so you can be ready to host any upcoming holiday gathering at a moment's notice. While it has a gorgeous wood top, the brass legs are what really take this table to new heights.

    6. A modern chandelier that will light up any space — literally and Updating your lighting is an easy way to add your own personal style to a room that needs some love.

    The chandelier hanging above a sofa

    7. A piece of wall art to turn your home into an instant art gallery of sorts. Feel inspired in your space with this striking piece that's sure to be a conversation starter and get the creative juices blooming.

    the green art piece with flowers in a vase hanging on a wall

    8. A media console with hidden storage so you can keep all the focus on what's on screen instead of the clutter surrounding your movie. If you don't have a cable box or game console, pick your favorite coffee table books or board games to add some personality to the open shelves in the middle.

    the white console with books in the middle cabinet

    9. A floral rug that's like a work of art but for your floor. It's bold, yet versatile with a variety of colors you can use as an excuse to buy more unique furniture. "But babe, we *have* to buy the purple velvet armchair! It will match the rug, perfectly!" is how I imagine that conversation going.

    10. A coffee table to center your whole room. This repeating pattern can act as a neutral base for your other bold decor, or be the most interesting part of your room surrounded by complimentary muted tones. Whateva you choose, boo.

    the coffee table with a gold-tones base and patterned table

    11. A kitchen island for the top chef who wants extra space to work while showing off their fancy cookware (even if it only actually gets cracked once a year).

    the brown island in a staged kitchen with pots and pans on it

    12. An open-shelf console table demanding the attention of everyone in the room no matter what you place in it. This piece adds extra luxury with a solid marble top, oak shelves, and brass legs. I think the real question is, what do you buy next to display on this thing?

    the natural colored console table with decor on it

    13. A velvet bar cabinet that screams "I have sophisticated taste!!" but with a twist. With three shelves, including a rack to hang your glasses from, this velvet cabinet has enough room for everyone's favorite nightcaps.

    14. A unique desk because you really need to elevate your WFH setup already. This showstopper works just as well as a vanity or side table for those well-earned days off.

    The desk

    15. An classic sofa made with fabric crafted from upcycled, sustainable materials so you *really* know it's worth the splurge. Feel good and look good lounging on this bad boy.

    a close up of the couch in a staged room

    16. A storage cabinet to put your decor ahead of the curve. Display your favorite books and other trinkets up top while hiding clutter away in the drawers underneath. It's giving antique chest but in a modern way.

    the cabinet in a staged room

    17. The cult-classic Primrose mirror that's often imitated (see: Anthro mirror dupe on TikTok), but you know you deserve the real thing. Available in four sizes so you can hang one to admire on your walk out the door while your massive floor version is there for all your OOTD selfies.

    The mirror leaning against the wall on top of a fireplace mantel

    18. A soft jersey quilt complete with a syper cozy texture to make you feel like you're bundled up in a cloud all fall long. Pair it with a set of matching shams for the complete look!

    19. A mid-century modern dresser for the retro bedroom of your dreams. Ample room to share or just enough space to add your latest clothing haul.

    the wooden dresser with decor on top of it

    20. A boucle storage ottoman that pulls double duty as a living room centerpiece and a place to store blankets and other odds and ends. A worthy splurge for small spaces.

    the two ottomans in pink and yellow

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