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    24 Super-Unpopular TV Character Opinions That You'll Either Strongly Agree Or Strongly Disagree With

    TBH, Dan and Blair would've made a better couple than Dan and Serena.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their unpopular opinions on TV characters, and they did not hold back! Here are the best responses.

    🚨Warning: There are spoilers ahead!🚨

    Also, I personally do not endorse all of these opinions!

    1. First, Dan from Gossip Girl is extremely over-hated.

    The CW

    "Honestly, he’s hilarious and a better friend to the Upper East Siders than he gets credit for. And the bad things he does doesn’t even hold a candle to the bad things the other characters have done."


    2. Joey was a better partner for Rachel than Ross was on Friends.


    3. Michael on Jane the Virgin was always so condescending and controlling over Jane.

    The CW

    "One of the only reasons I stuck with the show was because it was so obvious that his character was going to be killed off. I wasn’t overly fond of Rafael either, but Michael always really bothered me."


    4. Rachel Berry was an amazing character on Glee.


    "As someone who did musical theater in school, I have to say she might be over the top, but she represents real people who I knew and loved in my drama department! Plus, Lea Michele has an awesome voice!"


    5. Pam from The Office was not a very good person.


    "She kissed Jim while still being engaged to Roy. She was very condescending to Michael and flat out mean to him when Michael started dating her mother, even though he seemed to be very good for Pam's mom. She was very mean to Karen, just because she was dating Jim, and Karen never did anything for Pam to hate her. Also, when Roy first wanted to get married on the boat in booze cruise, Pam said no because her parents weren't there, then she married Jim on a boat without her parents there."


    6. Zuko and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender are a terrible ship.


    7. Lucas and Peyton from One Tree Hill are not as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

    The CW

    "This narrative that Lucas and Peyton are such horrible people is so tired! They made a mistake by cheating on Brooke, but OTH fans hate them more than they hate Dan, who killed his brother. Peyton made a mistake by kissing her best friend’s boyfriend, but why does nobody mention the fact that Brooke went after Lucas knowing Peyton liked him? I’m not saying she deserved to be cheated on, but why does no one talk about Brooke’s mistakes? Lucas is also not the villain people make him out to be. He made mistakes."


    8. Lorelai and Christopher were a better couple.

    The CW

    "He understood Lorelei's sense of humor and why she was the way she was with her past and her parents. They had the same taste in music; she didn't have to break down and explain every joke and reference she made like she had to with Luke. Luke was such a grump; besides his kindness (to the Gilmore girls only), I didn't see the appeal. Lorelai and Christopher made sense!"


    9. Darcy from WandaVision is annoying.


    "Seems like she's a popular character, but it just feels like they are trying way too hard to make her ~relatable~."


    10. On Gossip Girl, Dan and Blair were a great couple.

    The CW

    "They had great chemistry, and they let each other be themselves unapologetically."


    11. Betty and Archie on Riverdale are way better than Betty and Jughead and Veronica and Archie.

    The CW

    "I will literally die on this hill."


    12. On The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Stefan are far better than Caroline and Klaus.

    The CW

    Suggested by: imafangirl54

    Stefan and Caroline were always pretty good friends, and seeing them grow into a relationship was enjoyable to watch and ultimately made sense. Whereas Klaus and Caroline kept going back and forth with the 'will they won't they' trope, which got a little tiring after a while.

    13. Ross is one of the funniest characters on Friends.


    "He did stupid things, but he gets such a bad wrap when Rachel wasn't that much better."


    14. Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy didn't deserve Meredith or Addison.


    "Don’t get me wrong, I do love him, but he has a lot of red flags. For instance, when he got cheated on by Addison, he ran and pushed her away, then got with Meredith just for Addison to come back, and Derek leaves Mer for her, then swap back around because he got bored? Anyways, jump into the future; he’s in DC after fighting with Meredith and kisses another woman, then goes home and lies. Smh. I do love Derek, but I just disagree with a lot of his choices and actions."


    15. On The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes would have been a terrible choice for a leader.


    "The Atlanta camp was doing okay until he showed up and took over. There was no real reason to look to him as a leader over Shane at the beginning. When he did become leader, most of his decisions were bad, and his moral compass flipped so many times over nine seasons. Sometimes he was all about people, sometimes she was murdering needlessly to get his way - and he was very quick to judge other people for the same thing. Hershel and Michonne would have been much better leaders in their seasons."


    16. Blaine from Glee was a one-season wonder.


    "When he showed up in Season 2, he was great, but after that, he became annoying, toxic, and eventually, a cheater. Kurt deserved better than Blaine."


    17. Eleanor and Chidi from The Good Place had no romantic chemistry and were much better as friends.


    18. Carrie from Sex and the City was super self-involved and always makes everything about herself.


    "She makes some shitty decisions and doesn’t give AF about who she hurts."


    19. Schmidt and Cece are a way better couple than Nick and Jess on New Girl.


    "The way Schmidt looks at Cece gets me teary-eyed 🥺."


    20. Max is a bad friend to Eleven in Stranger Things.


    21. On The Vampire Diaries, Stefan was the worse brother.

    The CW

    "Everyone in The Vampire Diaries was flawed, and I’m not gonna lie, Damon was a horrible person, but so was Stefan. Stefan is the one who forced Damon to become a vampire in the first place but still blames all his problems on Damon. He’s also never held accountable for his actions, especially when he’s a ripper. He kills people the same way Damon does, but he’s never called out on it. Everything is always blamed on Damon."


    22. Jess is a terrible boyfriend for Rory in Gilmore Girls.

    The CW

    "He's jealous and has a very fragile ego. He did a lot of growing up after they broke up, and I really liked him in the revival, but during their time together, Jess was an asshole."


    23. Daryl is the absolute worst character on The Walking Dead.


    "Him being the focus of the show made it unwatchable. The character is just boring, and focusing on him for years took away time for other more interesting characters."


    24. And finally, Jeff from Community was not a good choice for the main character.


    "I didn't find him compelling, and his narcissistic and selfish personality was off-putting. I think Troy and Abed should have been the joint main characters. They were hilarious."


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.


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