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    15 TV Shows That Are Turning 20 This Year, In Case You Needed Confirmation That You're Old

    Does anybody else feel old yet?

    1. Lizzie McGuire

    Courtesy Everett Collection, Disney Channel

    Started: January 12, 2001

    Ended: February 14, 2004

    Episode count: 65

    Seasons: 2

    Twenty years ago, one of your fave Disney queens came to our screens and showed us exactly what dreams are made of! Lizzie McGuire followed the life of Lizzie while she navigated the personal struggles of being a teenager in high school.

    2. Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Usa Networks / Courtesy Everett Collection, Nickelodeon Network/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Started: October 14, 2001

    Ended: August 2, 2015

    Episode count: 385

    Seasons: 14

    "Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through" was their motto at Degrassi High and they sure lived up to it. Degrassi: The Next Generation followed the lives of an ensemble cast as they navigated life as teenagers in high school while also dealing with issues like teen pregnancy, body image, bullying, and so much more. Degrassi: TNG is still one of the best teen dramas out there and probably always will be.

    3. Smallville

    Warner Brothers Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Started: October 16, 2001

    Ended: May 13, 2011

    Episode count: 217

    Seasons: 10

    This iconic show ran for 10 years and set a record of being the highest-rated WB series debut. Smallville followed the life of Clark Kent before he became the Man of Steel.

    4. One on One

    Paramount Television / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Started: September 3, 2001

    Ended: May 16, 2006

    Episode count: 113

    Seasons: 5

    One on One follows Flex Alexander, a sportscaster, as he dives into the world of single parenthood. When his ex-wife leaves the country for a new job opportunity, Flex's teenage daughter moves in with him and his parenting skills are put to the test.

    5. The Proud Family

    Disney Channel/Courtesy Everett Collection, Disney Channel

    Started: September 15, 2001

    Ended: August 19, 2005

    Episode count: 52

    Seasons: 2

    The Proud Family, one of Disney's most iconic animated shows, premiered 20 years ago and I can't imagine what life would be like without Penny Proud and her family! The show follows 14-year-old Penny's everyday life while she tries to become more independent and have fun with her friends.

    6. The Fairly OddParents

    Nickelodeon Network/Courtesy Everett Collection, Nickelodeon

    Started: March 30, 2001 (The show originated from shorts that were on Fred Seibert's Oh Yeah! Cartoons in 1998 but wasn't picked up as a series until 2001.)

    Ended: July 26, 2017

    Episode count: 172 (283 segments)

    Seasons: 10

    I can't be the only one who wanted my own fairy godparent when I was younger! The Fairly OddParents followed the life of Timmy Turner who was alone and miserable until he was gifted with Cosmo and Wanda. They granted his every wish and made every day better than the last.

    7. My Wife & Kids


    Started: March 28, 2001

    Ended: May 17, 2005

    Episode count: 123

    Seasons: 5

    My Wife and Kids is a staple when it comes to Black sitcoms. The show follows the lives of Michael Kyle and his wife, Janet "Jay" Kyle as they raise their three kids and teach them valuable life lessons in a way that's more comedic than serious.

    8. The Office (UK)

    BBC Two

    Started: July 9, 2001

    Ended: December 27, 2003

    Episode count: 14

    Seasons: 2

    The Office (UK) walked so that The Office (US) could run. The UK version has the same premise as the American version. The show follows the lives of workers from a branch of a large paper company in Berkshire in the true mockumentary style that we all know and love.

    9. Scrubs

    NBC / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Started: October 2, 2001

    Ended: March 17, 2010

    Episode count: 182

    Seasons: 9

    Scrubs ran for nine years and received critical acclaim for its great cast and humor. The show follows the lives of employees from a teaching hospital as they go from "surgical scrubs" to medical interns.

    10. Totally Spies!

    TF1 / ABC Family/ Cartoon Network / Via, TF1 / ABC Family/ Cartoon Network

    Started: November 3, 2001

    Ended: October 3, 2013

    Episode count: 156

    Seasons: 6

    The spies we all wanted to be growing up are turning 20 this year and honestly, I've never felt older. Totally Spies! focuses on three girls who aren't your typical teenagers — they're spies that work every day to save the world while wearing the best outfits!

    11. The Bernie Mac Show

    20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Started: November 14, 2001

    Ended: April 14, 2006

    Episode count: 104

    Seasons: 5

    There's only one word to describe this show and that is hilarious! The Bernie Mac Show showcased the ups and downs of life as Bernie and his wife Wanda raised his sister's children. The Bernie Mac Show has become a household name and is one of the most outstanding and popular Black sitcoms to date.

    12. Reba

    Fox Television / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Started: October 5, 2001

    Ended: May 5, 2006

    Episode count: 127

    Seasons: 6

    Starring actor and singer Reba McEntire, Reba follows the life of a single mother whose ex-husband left her for a younger woman. Although Reba tries to hate the new wife Barbara Jean, she slowly but surely grows to love her. Throughout the show, we are shown just how chaotic life can be as Reba tries to navigate life co-parenting with her ex and Barbara Jean while also trying to help manage the lives of her three kids.

    13. Fear Factor

    NBC / Via

    Started: June 11, 2001

    Ended: August 21, 2018

    Episode count: 186

    Seasons: 9

    I would definitely never participate in this show but it sure was fun to watch. Fear Factor was a game show where contestants were pushed to extreme limits to pull off terrifying stunts for a cash prize (usually $50,000.) The show had several spin-offs but ultimately ended for good in 2018.

    14. Trailer Park Boys

    Showcase / Via

    Started: April 22, 2001

    Episode count: 106

    Seasons: 13

    Another great mockumentary-style show from 2001. Trailer Park Boys follows the adventurous lives of a group of trailer park residents. Every day seems to bring a new adventure (or misadventure).

    15. And 24

    FOX / courtesy everett collection

    Started: November 6, 2001

    Ended: July 14, 2014

    Episode count: 204

    Seasons: 9

    24 was an action drama show that showcased counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer's life as he fought for the country. Each Season had 24 episodes where an episode showed an hour of Jack's day as he faced different missions and challenges that ranged from assassination attempts to nuclear attacks.

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