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    Women Are Sharing The Times They Experiences Sexism At School And Even In 2021, All I Can Say Is "Disappointed But Not Surprised"

    "The principal gives me detention and told me that my shorts were a distraction to my male peers and teachers."

    We recently shared a post where we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the infuriating times they experienced sexism at school. Unfortunately, there were even more jaw-dropping stories to add to keep the conversation going. Here are 24 more aggravating stories that'll make your blood pressure rise:

    Some responses are also from this Reddit thread started by u/Black_EternalFlame.

    Warning: Some submissions mention rape/sexual harassment.

    1. "I competed in speech tournaments in high school. In regionals, you have to do so well to be allowed to compete at a state level. You don't receive your comments until the end of the speech meet, so I didn't question anything when I didn't make it to state. However, my female speech teacher handed my score sheet back and told me the only reason I didn't have a chance to compete at state was because I didn't wear flesh-colored tights."

    Betty from "Riverdale" looking taken aback

    2. "Flowy shorts were a trend when I was a freshman in high school, especially in Southern California, where it's hotter than hell at times. I purposefully bought flowy shorts to wear at school to match the rules. Our rule book says, 'Shorts are allowed but must be below the fingertips,' meaning when you put your arms to your sides, your shorts should be longer than the tips of your fingers. I wore them to school the next day, and someone came up to me telling me to go to the office. The principal gave me detention and told me that my shorts were a distraction to my male peers and teachers."

    3. "When I was in high school, I went to pay for a dance ticket with tip money from my job at an ice cream parlor, and the teacher said 'Wow, you must be doing really well at the strip club' while looking at my boobs."

    Laverne Cox looking appalled

    4. "My sixth-grade band teacher wouldn't let me be one of the drummers because 'only the boys play the drums.' I played the clarinet with great disdain instead."

    Alex Russo from "Wizards of Waverley Place" looking shocked

    5. "In secondary school, we had swimming lessons with mixed genders, which was okay. But I started wearing board shorts over my one-piece swimming suit because I didn't feel comfortable with my bare hips on display. The PE teachers told me to stop doing that because 'only boys wear shorts.'"

    Willow Smith looking annoyed

    6. "In my high school environmental science class, the female teacher decided to spend two weeks on self-defense and passed out handouts to all the girls in the class about how to not get raped. It included not wearing a ponytail, not wearing skirts, carry keys, etc."

    Amy Schumer looking annoyed and confused

    7. "In a dance program we had at school, the girls weren't allowed to do backflips or cartwheels, and the boys were. When we asked the teacher why her reply was, 'Boys can handle it, and they can do it. Girls cannot.'"

    Brittany Spears looking startled

    8. "My high school had a pool, so swimming was a gym option once a month. I opted out of swim for a week because of my period, but my male gym teacher was having none of it and told me to 'just wear a tampon' because that's what the girls on the swim team do."

    Shay Mitchell looking shocked and saying "Wait what"

    9. "One of my friends was on her period once in middle school, and we had PE that day. She was cramping pretty badly and asked our male teacher if she could sit out for the day. He told her that exercise helps and to participate anyway. Although that may be the case sometimes, this friend will sometimes get cramps so bad, she passes out or throws up."

    A frustrated woman on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah"

    10. "I was in a science and math after-school program that had a yearly design contest with other high schools. One year, it was a group project where you had to create a machine that gets a ping pong ball through an obstacle course, and the machine had to have multiple on/off switches on the course. I was lead on the switches. During the build, the judges came over to look at our design, and I remember them laughing at my switches and saying they were 'pretty' because I made them out of pieces of copper."

    Fabiola from "Never Have I Ever" cringing and saying "What"

    11. "Back in school, I used to like watching Ben 10, but I was bullied for it by my classmates, especially the girls, for liking a cartoon that mainly targets boys. Even the teachers told me that I should stop watching it and should watch Barbie movies or Disney princess films because I am a girl."

    12. "My old GAA coach once told me to 'strop trying out because girls can't play sports anyway' when I asked for help doing a hand pass. He would always split up the girls and boys, and the guys would get 25 minutes to play, and the girls would only get five."

    Harper from "iCarly" looking confused

    13. "I was in the 'gifted' class at school, and on several occasions when the whole class misbehaved, our female head of the year would be called to reign us in. She would always say something along the lines of 'I am very disappointed in you all, especially you girls. You are young ladies. You should know better.'"

    Carly from "iCarly" looking annoyed

    14. "I remember being told to go to the front office for sweatpants because my jeans were 'too tight' and everyone could see my camel toe. Luckily, I was already 18 and was able to sign myself out of school and did just that."

    Nene Leeks looking annoyed and confused

    15. "My gym teacher told the boys to 'take it easy on the girls because they aren't as capable as you.'"

    16. "A few years ago, some of the boys in my class would throw food and wrappers at my friends and me, and when we told the female teacher, she said, 'boys will be boys. Their brains aren’t as developed as yours, so just leave them, and they will leave you alone.'"

    Cookie from "Empire" rolling her eyes

    17. "My current American History teacher makes sexist 'jokes' all the time. He says things like 'Why am I wiping down these desks? That's a woman's job!'"

    Oprah looking appalled on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen"

    18. "When I was a senior in high school, my history teacher was incredibly sexist and inappropriate. He organized our camp as our year advisor. The camp was a sports camp, but he divided the camp by gender because he 'didn't want the girls to feel self-conscious when we couldn't do half the things that the boys could do.'"

    19. "When I was in sixth grade, we did the running test, and I got a 64, which was the highest score of our grade by far. Our male gym teacher asked me who taught me to run, and when I said no one, he told me that my brother must-have."

    Nicki Minaj looking frustrated

    20. "My senior year of high school, I had this English teacher who was a total nightmare, and it was literally ignored by administrators and staff all the time. On our first day of class, he had all the girls stand up. He took that opportunity to let the class know that these were the people who would be lucky to get a B in his class, and the people sitting would not have to try hard to pass because he already had planned on giving out a lot of A's to them."

    Pam from "The Office" looking annoyed

    21. "In elementary school, my friends and I would always want to play soccer with the boys at recess, but whenever we went over, the male teacher would tell us to go start our own game because we were not good enough to play soccer."

    22. "Certainly not the only time I've heard this, but it was the first. During my sophomore year of high school, my gym teacher said, 'Are you really a Jets fan, or are you just wearing that sweatshirt because it's your boyfriend's team?'"

    23. "One time in 8th grade, I was only 14-years-old, and it was 80° towards the end of the year. I was wearing a crop top and shorts because it's what I was comfortable in. While walking in the hallway with my friends, we came across the headmaster who stopped me, crossed his arms, and said, 'What am I gonna tell you?' He literally would not let me keep walking until he saw me pull down my shirt to cover my stomach that was barely showing in the first place."

    Eleanor from "Never Have I Ever" frowning

    24. And finally, "In Kindergarten, I was building with the blocks, and the teacher pulled me away and said they were just for the boys. She dragged me over to the kitchen and baby doll area instead."

    Rory Gilmore looking annoyed

    Have you ever had to deal with sexism in school before? Feel free to leave your stories in the comments below.

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.