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17 Fan Theories That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind With Their Devastating Logic

Just casually rethinking everything right now, NBD!

I'm sure anyone who is a huge fan or even just a casual watcher of TV and movies has come up with their own fan theories that they will believe until the end of time.

Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory"
CBS / Via

And when redditor u/AwkwardJewler asked, "What fan theory do you 100% accept as true?", people definitely didn't hold back in sharing theirs!

Netflix / Via

So here are some of the wildest fan theories that people believe in 100%.

1. Donkey from Shrek is one of the kids in Pinocchio who turned into a donkey.

Pinnochio seeing Lampwick turn into a donkey from "Pinnochio" and Donkey being walked in "Shrek"
Disney/ Dreakworks

"The boys from Pleasure Island in Pinocchio are turned into donkeys, and it is shown that some of the donkeys’ talk/aren’t fully transformed yet. It's pretty mindblowing."


2. Every aspect of Friends completely exist only in Phoebe's head.


"As a homeless artist, she noticed a group having a good time in a coffee shop and placed herself in their group, and gave backstories to them all, but the entire series is just stories she's making up."


3. Kevin Malone from The Office is actually a genius.


"If not actually a genius, he is certainly much smarter than he lets on. Occasionally he slips up and reveals himself to be something of a math genius and has to backtrack and play it off. It's how he was able to afford ownership of the bar at the end of the series; I’m sure he made a bit just cashing in all those free drinks, but actually enough to buy a bar? I don't believe it."


4. Each episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts with a date and time because they're all testifying against each other in court.

Opening cards from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" displaying the time, date, and place

5. In Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back, Admiral Ozzel is a rebel spy.

Admiral Ozzel
Lucasfilms Ltd./ Disney

"Everything Ozzel does in his brief bits of screentime is to the detriment of the Empire. When the probe droid finds the rebel shield generator, Ozzel tries to dismiss it as smugglers before Piet speaks out of turn and gets Vader involved. Later, Ozzel orders the fleet out of hyperspace too quickly, giving the rebels plenty of time to activate the aforementioned shield generator that Ozzel knew about. 'Clumsy' or Rebel sympathizer who gave his life to give the Alliance as much time to evacuate their base as possible? I side on the latter."


6. Loki was controlled by the tesseract more than he let on.


"His eyes glowed multiple times, and he shed a tear when Thor tried to talk sense into him."


7. In Ratatouille, the old lady at the beginning of the movie is the food critic's mother.

Old lady in the beginning of "Ratatouille" sitting in a chair and the food critic, Anton Ego in a flashback scene.
Disney/ Pixar

"In the flashback scene where he eats the ratatouille, you can see similarities of the house from the beginning, her face, and, I think, the bridge."


8. The Jetsons and the Flintstones are living at the same time in a dystopian future.

The Jetson family flying to work in "The Jetsons" and The Flintstone family driving to a drive-in movie in "The Flintstones"

"The ‘haves’ live above the clouds, and the ‘have nots’ are stuck on a wasted Earth. The signs include that Flintstones celebrate things like Christmas and other holidays, which doesn’t make sense and the Great Gazoo alien appears in both series."


9. James Bond's primary purpose is to be a distraction to keep attention off the spies who actually spy.

James Bond in "Skyfall"
Sony Pictures Releasing

"Villains and other spies know him because he rarely takes an alias. He makes his presence known early on and keeps messing up operations for the villains, but other spies have already infiltrated their ranks and work while Bond does as much visible damage as possible to keep the others safe."


10. The monsters in Courage the Cowardly Dog are actually regular people.

Courage from "Courage the Cowardly Dog" getting scared by Eustace scary mask
Cartoon Network

"They seem monstrous from Courage's perspective (since he's cowardly). Also, they live in the middle of nowhere because his owners never take him out, so that's how he views the world."


11. The "real world" in the Matrix movies is just another layer of the Matrix designed specifically to appeal to people unwilling to conform to the standard Matrix.

Neo from "The Matrix"
Warner Bros.

"Humans in this outer Matrix have confirmation of their belief that something was wrong and get to indulge in the fantasy of being a heroic freedom fighter against the faceless evil machines, thus choosing to accept this false reality. The anomaly of the One is that he's capable of rejecting both realities, which is the reason why he had powers in the real world."


12. Rory's book in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is actually the original show.

Rory Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" holding a transcript of her book

"That explains why the characters are so different from the show vs. revival miniseries. She’s looking back at the past with rose-colored glasses."


13. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joyce's aneurysm occurred indirectly because of Dawn.

Buffy tells Dawn that Joyce has died in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
The WB

"Not through magic or anything directly supernatural. But she was Dawn's mother, and therefore she would have the most artificially created memories (conception, pregnancy, life, thoughts, fears, etc.). This caused so much real physical change to her brain overnight that it created real medical problems and killed her. This is never hinted at at all in the show."


14. Andy from The Office hired people to play his parents because he was too embarrassed for Angela to meet his real parents.

Andy's parents from Season 4 and Season 8 in "The Office"

"When Andy proposes to Angela, the people playing his parents are different actors because they are literally actors. As in, he hired them to pose as his 'perfect parents' because his own parents couldn't be bothered to come. The people in the Season 8 episode 'Garden Party' are his real parents, who clearly are dicks."


15. Peter Pan actually kills any lost boy who grows into adulthood.

Peter Pan flying away from Caption Hook and his sword in "Peter Pan"

"Captain Hook and his pirates are all lost boys who have escaped and aim to stop him."


16. The secret ingredient in a Krabby Patty from SpongeBob SquarePants is crab meat.


17. And finally, Moana actually dies in the thunderstorm.


"After that, she only meets gods and mystical creatures for the rest of the movie. She still must complete her journey to return the heart of Te Fiti, and when she does, Te Fiti brings her back to life so she can go back to her tribe."


What are some of the fan theories that you 100% believe to be true? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.