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    16 Indians Who Had Zero Fucks To Give On YouTube

    Literally no chill.

    1. This fashion critic.

    2. This fact-checker.

    3. These enthu Rajus.

    4. This no-nonsense patriot.

    5. This literal bastard.

    6. This dude with the twist ending.

    7. This Priyanka Chopra superfan.

    8. This dude who sees the bigger picture.

    9. This new Ajay Devgn admirer.

    10. These unimpressed tech geeks.

    11. This dude with a pretty eclectic taste in movies.

    12. These eloquent chaps.

    13. These film buffs.

    14. This unsatisfied customer.

    15. These Farhan Akhtar fans.

    16. And this uploader who just couldn't deal.