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    The Definitive Ranking Of WikiHow's 10 Most Garbage Instructions About Life In India

    Lies. All lies. (Mostly)

    10. From "How to entertain yourself in India".

    According to wikiHow, the fifth-most entertaining thing to do in India is your chores This is not true.

    9. From "How to speak Hindi".

    While watching Hindi films is actually an effective way to learn Hindi, this one loses points for recommending Ki And Ka as a movie to watch.

    8. From "How to get an Indian guy to like you".

    Worst. Advice. Ever. (Some Indian boys like Chinese, OK?)

    7. From "How to have fun in Delhi".

    While the instruction about how to get inside the campus is spot on, Jawaharlal Nehru University itself is the literal opposite of being the second-funnest thing in New Delhi.

    6. From "How to dress in India".

    I have seen many a bare knee in India. This is just spurious information.

    5. From "How to live and deal with Indian parents".

    Ummm (True, but hella inappropriate).

    4. From "How to take a bucket bath".

    India has mugs, yaar. Who has a bath with a cup?

    3. From "How to be a simple Indian girl".

    This is the actual instruction – "If a simple Indian girl were to attend a party, she would not try to be the centre of attention. She would talk about herself, but only when asked."

    Umm, no.

    2. From "How to make Naan Bread".


    1. From "How to make chai tea".

    Just. No.

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