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This Twitter Joke Format Exposes The Worst Stereotypes Indians Hear From Other Indians

What's the cliché that's followed you all your life?

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Over the past weekend, a new joke format has gone viral on Twitter, with people from different countries exposing the most common stereotypes that foreigners subject them to.

Indians, too, have joined in on the fun and tried to educate their followers about the clichés they have to hear from outsiders every day.

But with India being as diverse as it is, it turns out that there are plenty of stereotypes that we ourselves constantly subject each other to.

This includes everything from Goans being druggies...

To Delhi being full of rapists.

People from every state have gotten in on the act over the past couple of days to shut everyone else down.

But it's not just states, is it? Us Indians can write off any group with generalisations...

And even they've had enough of it.

In summation, it's become pretty evident that most of these lazy jokes need to stop.

But then again, it's like they say – "We are like this only".