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23 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who's Grown Up With Indian Parents

"If mom is mad at one of us, she's gonna find a reason to be mad at all of us."

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1. This embarrassment.

2. This reality check.

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3. This awkwardness.

4. These lines.

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5. This squirmishness.

6. This disapproval.

7. This passive aggression.

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8. This injustice.

9. This disappointment.

10. This awful timing.

11. This acting.

12. This taunt.

13. This sass.

14. This sarcasm.

15. This confusion.

16. This mood-killer.

17. This unacceptable behaviour.

18. This heart attack.

19. This comeback.

20. This terrifying look.

21. This getaway.

22. This wait.

23. And this present.