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    16 Fake Stories Your Family WhatsApp Group Has Probably Fallen For

    Don't believe everything you read (or anything).

    1. The government can read all your messages.

    This forward originated in 2015, soon after the introduction of the blue tick system on WhatsApp. Even though it's still around to this day, it's totally false.

    2. Frooti is infected with HIV.

    Frooti will not give you AIDS.

    3. Cadbury chocolates are infected with Ebola.

    Cadbury chocolates will not give you Ebola.

    4. The 2015 ICC World Cup predictions.

    This forward gained major traction during the tournament after the initial few results went just as the message stated. It didn't take long for the predictions to mismatch, though.

    5. The death of Yo Yo Honey Singh.

    These fake photos gained so much steam in 2014, the rapper himself was prompted to issue a tweet stating that he was alive and well.

    6. The Swiss Bank account details of eminent Indian politicians.


    7. Filling your car's fuel tank to the brim can lead to explosions in the summer.

    Nope. After circulating on WhatsApp for a long time in 2016, Indian Oil had to issue a statement debunking the forward.

    8. The ISIS WhatsApp group that you can't exit if you accept their invite.

    As should have been obvious to everyone (but wasn't), the technology to "trap" you in a WhatsApp group doesn't exist.

    9. The NASA earthquake hoax.

    After the devastating Nepal earthquake in 2015, phones around the country were lit with rumours of a bigger earthquake that was yet to come. It did not come.

    10. Vinod Khanna's death hoax.

    Photos from Vinod Khanna's "funeral" started going viral on WhatsApp earlier this year, much before he actually passed away. The images were from musician Aadesh Srivastava's funeral in 2015. Multiple people fell for this one.

    11. This photo of Gandhi dancing with a British woman.

    That is not the father of our nation. That's just an Australian actor at a costume party.

    12. The Kolkata flyover that keeps collapsing.

    For ages now, this photo has circulated around WhatsApp, claiming scores of deaths in Kolkata. The photo is actually from China in 2012, when a flyover collapse killed three people.

    13. ISIS will use your WhatsApp DPs for nefarious purposes.

    This message asks people to not use their faces as profile pictures for 20-25 days, as ISIS might hack WhatsApp and use them undesirably. The number listed is fake, as is the message.

    14. The JIO DTH scam.

    People keep being told that they'll get six months of Reliance JIO's (not yet launched) DTH service for free if they register with the link in the message. Unfortunately, it's just a phishing scam.

    15. This NASA photo of "India on Diwali".

    Every year, this photo goes viral. Every year this photo has to be debunked.

    16. And, of course, this...

    Great anthem. Nothing to do with UNESCO, though.

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