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WhatsApp Went Down And UNESCO Declared The Resulting Jokes The Best Jokes In The Whole World

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Earlier today, WhatsApp – one of the world's most popular messaging platforms (and the source of all your relatives' outrageous opinions) – suffered a global outage.

⛔️ WhatsApp is having issues since 01:30 AM EST. 👉 RT if you are also having issues…

Like, the app just refused to connect to the servers, thus leaving millions of users across the globe unable to communicate with each other.

I mean, they could still use every one of the BILLION other forms of communication available to them, but you know...

I mean, they could still use every one of the BILLION other forms of communication available to them, but you know...

As is normal during any calamitous event these days, users first went to Twitter to make sure that the outage didn't just affect them.

RT if you came to twitter to check if whatsapp is down or not? #Whatsapp

This included everyone from the average Joe to celebs like Chetan Bhagat.

First we used to check neighborhood from balcony to see if light has gone for everyone else too,Now we check twitter to see if #WhatsAppdown

(Of course, where there's Chetan Bhagat, there are jokes about Chetan Bhagat).

Unable to deal, people started resorting to more primitive forms of communication like cavepeople.

I sent an SMS after 3949035070579 years.

Suddenly people remembered they have free SMSes on their phones, now that WhatsApp is down.

Other users were a little more OK with the downtime. Some, because it gave them a break from their overactive family WhatsApp groups...

WhatsApp not working? Finally, rumour mongering and fake news take a two-hour break.

Whatsapp is down, now how Indian families will wish Good Morning from different rooms in the same house? serious problem

And some for other reasons.

“Ohh I’m not getting any messages because whatsapp is down” First of all, I never get any messages.

should've dressed as whatsapp on halloween because i also completely crash periodically and no one can get in touch

Then there were those who used the opportunity to pimp less popular messaging apps...

What a great time to install Telegram; it is much better than WhatsApp.

Even the apps that literally no one uses at all.

WhatsApp is down. Google Allo should use this chance to just spam everyone with push notifications and remind them that it exists.

And then, of course, there were jokes...

At least Whatsapp is going down on girls too.

Mata Rani's curse has killed & decapitated 1200 people after they were unable to forward Whatsapp messages to 7 people. #WhatsApp

Many, many jokes.

[whatsapp goes down] me: sorry i'm emojionally unavailable right now

#WhatsAppDown This dumb piece of shit WhatsApp goes down worldwide and also deleted me from my family jokes group,…


So I can blame #whatsappdown for not replying for next two years.

And even though the app wasn't even down for an hour, it needed even less time for users to make #WhatsAppDown the top Twitter trend in India.

PSA – WhatsApp is back online now.