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    Posted on 8 Jun 2016

    Rahul Khanna Is Trending Because People Can't Figure Out Why Rahul Khanna Is Trending

    Indian Twitter has eaten its tail.

    Actor Rahul Khanna recently re-entered collective public imagination when he joined Snapchat and pretty much aced it with his fairly suggestive snaps.

    Rahul Khanna

    But Snapchat is still niche. Earlier today, Khanna hit the next level of pop culture relevance when he inexplicably started trending on Twitter.

    And why, you ask? It turns out that some users discovered that, a long time ago, Khanna used to reply to people's tweets to him over direct message.

    P.S. Rahul Khanna used to reply to compliments on DM AGES AGO when there were a little fewer people following him.

    Evidently, he used to be quite prolific with his replies.

    And once the pattern was pointed out, people started digging up and retweeting old tweets from users announcing that Rahul Khanna had messaged them.

    It started with a few users doing it for LOLs, but eventually it got Rahul Khanna trending.

    A quick glance at those tweets seems to indicate that it was just something he used to do out of politeness.

    He even had a set of stock replies ready.

    Twitter: @clueless_samira
    Twitter: @ChhotaRecharge

    And, evidently, it wasn't just women he messaged.

    lol all you naive ladies. Rahul Khanna has DM'd me too :D

    Also, it was a Rahul Khanna habit that a lot of Twitter users were aware of back then.

    @nakhrewali Parul, seriously - we need to plan. :P And btw, I still find it totally adorable that Rahul Khanna replies to tweets via DM. :P

    But, with Twitter being Twitter, it eventually snowballed into a stage where he stayed trending because no one knew why he was trending.

    The internet, amirite?

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