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14 People Who Regret India's World Cup Loss More Than You

You think you're feeling bad about the team getting knocked out? Think again.

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It's the morning after India's unfortunate loss in the World Cup semis. And while you may think you're having a hard time because of the loss, you don't have it half as bad as some people.

1. This guy.

i wil cut my penis , if India lost the world cup.

No, seriously. This guy.

2. This guy's mom.

If India wins the World Cup, I am gonna cut my hair! Please God. Maa wants me to cut my hair. Answer her prayers and make India win!!!

3. This woman's brother.

@DJNoreenKhan my poor brother has flown out just to catch the 2 semi finals. He will be in a right mood if India lose 😃. Hope it's close

4. This (ex) Twitter user.

I will leave twitter if India lose tomorrow..... Good for girls tho lol

But not the women on the site, apparently.

5. Every other Twitter user.

I will bloody leave Twitter forever if India will win today's semi final. Opposition is Australian team not Juhu Gali team. #AUSvIND

We were so close to getting rid of him, guys. Sigh.

6. Especially this poor female.

Ok done! so now we have bet n if India will lose #AUSvIND match then you @vaidehisachin will become my girlfriend.

7. Every bar in the vicinity of this declaration.

@klpe if Indians wins the world cup I will drink till Monday morning or till when my liver gives up. (India, please win)

8. The owner of this TV.

9. McDonald's, who lost a potential regular customer.

If India get to the final or win the World Cup, I'm going on this diet too. #IND #CWC15

10. The designer of this sari, who lost their only shot at selling this piece of... art.

If India win the world cup , I will buy and wear this 😂😂 #TeamIndia #CWC15 #WorldCupSari

11. This office, which now probably believes that God doesn't exist.

So in my office they are playing bhajans next to the TV. #IndvsAus

12. This spectator.

@ICC supporters of India have started crying. #IndvsAus

13. This other random spectator.

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14. :(

It's sad to see the man who lead our country in a game of gentlemen #cricket, is crying! #DareToBeDhoni #INDvsAUS

Seriously. If you think you're feeling worse than our captain, just... no.

But hey, at least one guy can afford a smile now.

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