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Mohammad Kaif Had To Spend The Week On Twitter Clarifying He's Not A Wanted Assassin

In case you thought you were going through a rough patch.

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What he definitely is NOT is a wanted sharpshooter and suspected assassin in Bihar. That Mohammad Kaif is this guy:

Twitter: @IndiaTodayFLASH

Sharpshooter Mohammad Kaif is a person of interest in a murder case, for which he has been dodging capture for years.

On September 18, the murder suspect's allies were photographed holding banners in support of him. Unfortunately, one banner in particular went viral, because it read "Give justice to cricketer Mohammad Kaif" in Hindi.

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The supporters OBVIOUSLY meant to talk about the sharpshooter, but some miscommunication seem to have occurred along the way.

Now cricketer Mohammad Kaif has been out of the spotlight for a couple of years, so a few fans were understandably distraught when they assumed that he had taken up a new career as a hitman.


He instantly went into damage control mode, and issued a tweet clarifying that he had not become a gun-wielding murderer after leaving the Indian cricket team.

I am not the shooter u r referring to.I m training fr the Cricket season ahead wid #Chattisgarh Verify to karlo yaar

A couple of days later, he issued a second statement – after getting IRL calls checking up on his career status – again clarifying that he is not a wanted assassin.

My name is @MohammadKaif but I m not that Sharp Shooter. Me&family getting lot of calls.M playing only with bat&ball

Things seemed to be under control for the player after that, but not for long. The very next day, on September 21, BBC Hindi apparently tweeted a link with the headline "Ex-cricketer Kaif surrenders".

Again, just in case it wasn't perfectly clear, it is the wanted sharpshooter who surrendered to the cops in Bihar. Not the ace cricketer.

And thus, once again, cricketer Kaif had to tweet a clarification distancing himself from all assassin-related news.

कहाँ किया ,कब किया,भारत के लिए कितने मैच खेला। हैडलाइन के लिए कुछ भी बकैती,हद्द कर दी आपने। ऐसे कोई पड़ता नहीं क्या?

His tweet read, "Where did I surrender? When did I surrender? How many matches have I played for India? You've crossed all limits just for a headline. Doesn't anyone read otherwise?"