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    Ola Cabs Had A Hilarious Twitter Conversation With Two Modi And Kejriwal Troll Accounts

    The internet is a savage place.

    Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal created quite a stir this week when he claimed that the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, could have him killed.

    No one took his claims seriously, least of all Twitter.

    Modi's Sharpshooter trying to shoot kejriwal.

    Parody account @TrollKejri decided to cash in on the wave by asking Ola Cabs for some assistance.

    @TrollKejri Yes, How can we help?

    When they responded, the troll answered with this now mega viral tweet:

    . @Olacabs Modi ji mujhe maarne ke lie tumse gaadi maangne aayenge. Dena mat

    The account replied saying, "Modiji will come to you asking for a car to kill me with. Don't give it to him."

    @TrollKejri might have thought he had the last laugh, but Olacabs got back with a viral tweet of their own.

    @TrollKejri Looks like his trip has just ended. You're on your own, buddy! *Cab chahiye kya?*

    Both tweets got over 1,000 RTs.

    The conversation should've ended there, but a parody Narendra Modi handle decided to get in on the action and take the joke further.

    But Olacabs would have none of it, and shut shit down immediately.

    Word of advice, Mr. Kejriwal – The next time you're looking for people to take you seriously, don't do it on the internet.