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This Dude Made A Triple H-Style WWE Entrance To His Wedding And Won The Shaadi Championship

Too much game.

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Meet Kichoo Ahmer – Lahore resident, businessman, and long-time wrestling fan.

Kichoo Ahmer

Ahmer got married this past weekend, but it was the mehendi ceremony on March 3 that's left everyone on the internet in splits.

Kichoo Ahmer / Imran Sajid

In an effort to do something special, Ahmer paid tribute to his childhood obsession with the WWE. And he did it by entering the function with wrestler Triple H's theme song playing in the background.

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Ahmer walked in with a fake WWE championship belt on his shoulder, firecrackers lined along the walkway, and his own little hype man.

"I was a huge WWE fan, but gradually grew out of it with the passage of time. I just wanted to do something crazy and unique for the entrance," Ahmer told BuzzFeed.

"Even my family didn't know what was planned, let alone my fiancée. Needless to say, they all enjoyed it to the fullest," Ahmer added.

That's him entering the "ring" (the dance floor) through ropes made of garlands.
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That's him entering the "ring" (the dance floor) through ropes made of garlands.

He even did Triple H's signature water spitting move for good measure.


The video has over 1.1 million views and 11,000 shares on Facebook in just two days, with other dudes expressing their desire to replicate this awesomeness at their own weddings.

New shaadi goals right here, guys.