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    Posted on 19 Sep 2016

    Sania Mirza And Rohan Bopanna Said Some Pretty Brutal Things About Leander Paes On Twitter


    The past few months have seen turmoil in the Indian tennis circuit, with Leander Paes repeatedly questioning Rohan Bopanna's selection as Sania Mirza's partner at the Rio Olympics over him.

    Roberto Schmidt / AFP / Getty Images

    Paes has gone on record to attack the decision in the media, before and after the Mirza-Bopanna duo failed to win a medal at the mixed doubles event.

    Following his loss at the Davis Cup this weekend, Paes went to the post-match press conference and complained about the decision again.

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images

    "I can very, very clearly say that the past two Olympics, we didn’t put the best teams forward. This Olympics – the mixed doubles – was a huge opportunity. What more does a man have to do than win four Grand Slams in fourteen months," Paes was quoted as saying.

    Well, Sania Mirza decided that she'd had enough of the sly taunts, and took to Twitter with a sly dig of her own.

    The ONLY way to win with a toxic person, is not to play!!! #karmaiswatching #zenmode 😇🙏

    Her partner Bopanna too joined the offensive against "toxic" Paes by retweeting Mirza and adding his own thoughts.

    At it again!! ...the usual ploy to stay in the news by slanging fellow players in media. #Patriotism

    Paes is yet to respond to the tweets.

    (Probably still recovering from the burn.)

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