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    Posted on 6 Jun 2016

    Thousands Of People Are Outraged About This Classist Memo By The Bar Council Of India

    "These are the people who will be called to defend the Constitution?"

    On June 4, Twitter user @roshankar uploaded a memo issued by the Bar Council of India, laying down a bunch of strict and discriminatory rules about who could use the elevators in the building.

    Bar Council of India, ladies and gentlemen. Don't know where they find moral authority to defend the constitution.

    Among other guidelines, the memo forbade sweepers and other help from using the lifts, with monetary fines in place for anyone found in violation.

    The memo soon went viral, with thousands of angry users retweeting it in disapproval.

    This Is From The Bar Council Of India? WTF! "Sweepers Cannot Use Lift, Else One Day Salary Will Be Deducted"

    Users were unanimous in condemning the order.

    And lots of people pointed out that the problem is deep-rooted in the country.

    @roshankar This building, and this notice, is a great metaphor for the social hierarchy in India.

    Ah the building lift. That great, daily, unspoken refuge of Indian classism.

    @roshankar Slave mentality has never left India It is not just skin colour worse is position @auldtimer

    It should be noted that the Bar Council is hardly the only defaulter here. Most housing societies in India don't allow workers to use elevators meant for residents, asking them to either use separate service elevators or just the stairs.

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