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This Woman's Powerful Note About Being Extorted With Compromising Photos Is Affecting Thousands

"This isn't the first time I'm being sextorted, nor am I the only woman going through it."

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On June 10, three men approached a woman at her home in Lahore, trying to extort her with videos of her changing her clothes in her bedroom.

She wrote a powerful note about how she was shamed when she chased the men away, and her neighbours started questioning whether she was involved with one of them.

This fucking shit is real. The violation is real. Rape/Harassment is real. It happened to my best friend.

She chose to remain unnamed, but it was shared on Twitter by her friend @wannabeludgate. The author wrote about the importance of consent and how everyone needs to take responsibility for a culture where men think they can get away with this behaviour.


Feminist community Girls At Dhabas uploaded the post to their Facebook page, which was shared over 2,000 times in under a day, in addition to the hundreds of retweets the note got on Twitter.