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    Posted on 30 Dec 2015

    People Are Outraged By This Ad In Chennai's Times Of India That Starts With "Flood Alert"

    "It is sheer callousness disguised as creativity by the builder and their ad agency."

    Chennai is still recovering from the devastating floods that brought the city to a halt earlier this month, and which claimed over 280 lives.

    Via Twitter: @ChennaiRains

    On December 30, The Times of India published this full page ad beginning with the words "Flood Alert", on the front page of their Chennai edition.

    The ad is actually for a housing society constructed by builder Golden Homes, and talks about how it remained unaffected during the Chennai floods.

    The ad has been met with a lot of anger by residents of Chennai and outsiders alike.

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    Many have called out the builders for their insensitivity and for trying to cash in on a tragedy.

    Come on, guys.

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