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This Dude Invented A Trippy-Ass Scarf That Makes It Impossible To Take Photos Of Its Wearer

Here's why everyone from Cameron Diaz to the Jonas brothers are flocking to this Delhi guy.

Celebrities around the world have had to pay a heavy price for their fame, being hounded by cameras wherever they go.

Well, meet 28-year-old Saif Siddiqui, who has invented the answer the all their privacy woes – the ISHU scarf.

Siddiqui is a former G.D. Goenka Public School student from New Delhi, who now runs his booming business shuttling between London and Amsterdam.

The ISHU scarf is made of a special fabric (enhanced with thousands of nano-spherical crystals) that reflects light back into a camera, basically rendering all flash photography useless.

The name stands for privacy and silence, and is a play on the words "issue" and "shh".

The "anti-paparazzi" cloaking device also works with video cameras.

The product has taken the celeb world by storm, with everyone from Hollywood actors to football superstars being spotted wearing the scarf in public.

"The main intention is to make people aware of how important privacy actually is. Everyone has a ‘brand’ online, and with the ISHU scarf, people are back in control of their privacy," Siddiqui told BuzzFeed.

Siddiqui is launching ISHU phone cases in July, and hopes to get the product integrated in museums and private jets soon.

He aims to bring the concept to India in a few months, and is hopeful that it will catch on in Bollywood as strongly as it has in the rest of the world.

You can check out the ISHU range of products before the global launch in August here.