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    "The Telegraph" Is Being Called Sexist For Calling Smriti Irani "Aunty-National"

    "You are a newspaper & not an advertising copywriter or a Twitter troll. Just give us the news."

    The Telegraph's front page for their February 25 edition featured HRD Minister Smriti Irani with the headline "Aunty National", mocking her for a dramatic speech that she gave in Parliament the previous day.

    The Telegraph

    Her speech defended the government's handling of the situation at JNU.

    The headline is all anyone on the Indian internet can talk about today.

    Beautiful compilation of Smriti Irani's concocted bravado from The Telegraph! Loving this newspaper!

    There are more than a few people who have praised the newspaper for its stance.

    However, a lot of people have criticised the headline for being sexist and in poor taste.

    While I usually love The Telegraph's headlines and one-liners ..Today one as @smritiirani Aunty National is in a very poor taste.

    The viciously sexist headline of the Telegraph is enough to discredit whatever past and future stand they take on misogyny. Despicable.

    The Telegraph headline Aunty National is derisive and very sexist. Poor taste.

    Many are even accusing the editors of trying too hard to be catchy.

    PatRIOT was great, but does anyone else think The Telegraph front page has now started resembling an Amul ad? The kind that tries too hard.

    Dear "The Telegraph", You are a newspaper & not an advertising copywriter or a Twitter Troll. Give us the news. We will form our own views.

    This isn't the first time that the paper has become a talking point for its headlines, with a lot of praise being given to them in recent weeks.

    The Telegraph: Front page headlines over the last four days. Unputdownable indeed, @ttindia!

    But the internet is a fickle crowd.

    Telegraph right now feeling like that comic who should have ended set at big applause but couldn't resist one last new joke.

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