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    Posted on 2 Nov 2015

    The Internet Is Trying To Find This Rockstar Masquerading As A Fruit Seller

    Salesman of the year, ladies and gents.

    On October 30, Twitter user @TonkeePonkee uploaded this video of a fruit seller from Pakistan selling bananas, while singing "Saree Ke Fall Sa" from R... Rajkumar.

    Someone find this kelay wala !!!

    He modified the lyrics to plug his bananas, of course.

    She then uploaded another video of him selling bananas while absolutely slaying another song with his fruit-themed lyrics.

    This time he sang Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's "Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta Hai" from Dhadkan.

    In under a minute of footage, he sent the internet into a tizzy.

    @TonkeePonkee @ManalWaseemxoxo @nazn23 my future husband LMAO

    The two short clips got over 1,000 RTs and had everyone going crazy over his voice and amazing sales skills.

    @TonkeePonkee @JylieeKenner omggggggggg look at him mash'ALLAH

    And they're all trying to guess where to find him now.

    @Javssxx @TonkeePonkee hope I find him in Karachi

    @JylieeKenner @TonkeePonkee he looks lahori 😡😡😡

    @Javssxx @JylieeKenner @TonkeePonkee peshawari guys.

    Do your thing, internet.


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