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An Indian Kid Just Scored 1000 Runs In An Innings And Nobody Can Handle It

Predictably, the internet has gone batshit insane.

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This is Pranav Dhanawade – 15-year-old son of an auto rickshaw driver in Mumbai, batsman in the Smt KC Gandhi High School team, and, as of today, cricketing legend.

During an inter-school tournament on January 4, Dhanawade created cricketing history as he scored 652 not out, and broke the world record for the highest individual score in representative cricket.

But he wasn't done yet, and the internet was ready to egg him on as he came out to continue his innings the next day.

The milestones came thick and fast for Dhanawade, but people were faster with the jokes.

One guy has scored 921 runs in 294 balls and the fielding team hasn't taken the stumps and bat and run off yet. Such grace

This is what Pranav Dhanawade is doing to the bowlers !!

People held their breath as he closed in on the magic figure of 1000 runs.

@mohanstatsman @sidvee about to reach nervous 990s

And we got a new hero once the record was finally reached.

The team finally declared with Dhanawade on 1009* off just 323 balls (59 sixes and 127 fours).

.@BrianLara Pranav. naam toh suna hoga

1009 runs toh main Cricket 97 pe cheat codes ke saath bhi naa bana paaun

Gavaskar: Convert 1s into 2s, 2s into 3s.. Pranav Dhanawade: Sir, ye purana ho gaya! Now, convert 100s into 200s, 200s into 1000s..

Some spared a few thoughts for the bowling team too.

Credit to the opponent Arya Gurukul School They did not concede like the Kathiawar side when BB Nimbalkar made 443* in a #RanjiTrophy in1948

Intolerance is rising at school level also...

But Dhanawade was undoubtedly the man of the moment.

New cheat code on EA Sports cricket for rookie mode: PRANAV1000

In fact, he even got a shoutout from the god of cricket himself.

Congrats #PranavDhanawade on being the first ever to score 1000 runs in an innings. Well done and work hard. You need to scale new peaks!

No pressure, Pranav.