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    The "Mauka Mauka" Dude Is Back To Rev You Up For The Big India-Pakistan Match

    New tournament, same rivalry.

    If you were following the cricket World Cup last year, you probably recognise this guy from Star Sports' hilarious and hugely successful "Mauka Mauka" series of ads.

    Star Sports / Via

    The campaign started with a Pakistani cricket fan who wants nothing more than for his team to beat India.

    But, as we all know, Pakistan has won a grand total of zero matches against India in any World Cup so far.

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    Well, there's a new T20 World Cup in town and he's back; a little older and a little more sombre, but he wants Pakistan to beat India just as bad.

    Star Sports / Via

    Pakistan has another shot when they face India in Kolkata on March 19.

    Watch the ad here and get psyched for the big game already.

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