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    Arvind Kejriwal Did A Horror Film-Themed PSA And It's Already The Most WTF Thing I'll See This Week

    Forget The Conjuring, it's time for The Kejruring.

    So, The Zero Productions just released this supremely creepy anti-drugs PSA, endorsed by Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party, which might possibly be the weirdest campaign ad of all time.

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    The ad begins in a shady lane in Punjab, where a drug deal is about to go down.

    The driver asks his partner to hand over the package to complete the transaction but, TWIST, the partner has gotten rid of all the drugs.

    Like, who does that? That's bad business practice, yo.

    This is where things start to get bizarre, because the partner has gone catatonic. It's almost like he's been possessed by something...

    Or someONE *oooooohhhhhhh*

    Turns out, what he's been possessed by is actually an irrational fear of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his new anti-narcotics campaign.

    After an ominous and highly overacted monologue, the driver bitches out Kejriwal and asks his partner to fuck off into the night.

    Which brings us to the climactic scene of this masterpiece, which ends with the driver spotting Kejriwal, chillin' like some creepy-ass horror movie mofo in his back seat wtffff.

    It actually ends with AAP announcing an anti-drugs campaign in Punjab, but who's gonna pay attention to anything after that an ending like that?!

    Kejriwal tweeted the ad last night without any comment, probably because he was as lost for words after seeing it as most of us are.



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