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This Hilaaarious Tumblr Throws Shade All Over Nita Ambani For Being On The Olympic Committee

Give this meme all the medals.

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On August 4, Reliance Foundation founder Nita Ambani became the first Indian woman to be elected to the International Olympic Committee.

Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images

However, the appointment caused a lot of outrage amongst athletes and the general public over Ambani's lack of qualifications, and how the committee had ignored much more relevant candidates.

Mumbai-resident Vaibhav Vishal came up with the most hilarious way to channel the rage by starting Nita Ambani Doing (Olympics) Things, a Tumblr dedicated to Ambani's uncanny ability to win things she really shouldn't be.

The Tumblr combines photos of her with outlandish captions that credit her with winning all the gold medals at the Rio Olympics.

The Tumblr's disclaimer reads – "I have been asked to add this here so that I don’t get killed. Like many other Indians, I am just jealous that Mrs. Ambani has the riches and everything else that comes with it, and I don’t."

"I don’t mean any harm or disrespect. Eventually, all of us will end up working for one of the two brothers, so I cannot even afford to mean any harm or disrespect."