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    The Government's Official Media Bureau Tweeted A Fake Photo Of Modi In Chennai

    But why?

    On December 3, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Chennai to take stock of the damage caused by the worst floods the city has seen in over 100 years.

    We are all pained by the devastation in TN. Took stock of the damage, on the ground & through an aerial survey.

    During his visit, the Press Information Bureau, official media agency of the government of India, tweeted this photo of PM Modi surveying the situation from a helicopter.

    However, the photo wasn't authentic. The landscape shown outside the window had been photoshopped in.

    The tweet has since been deleted, but people aren't happy about it.

    So @PIB_India posted a photoshopped pic of Modi's aerial survey. Wow. Photoshopping is now official Govt strategy?

    @PIB_India @narendramodi Thats an edit guys. Please Dont fool us. At least on #ChennaiFloods

    at least get better photoshoppers on board

    Come on, guys.

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