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    Two Mumbai Women Are Shaming Their Harassers Through A Parody Facebook Page

    If you can't beat 'em, shame 'em.

    Meet Mumbai residents Rea Burman and Ashwami Manjrekar who, like many women in India, face constant harassment from men on the streets.

    Rea Burman

    The duo decided to fight back by starting Tharkis Of Bombay, a Humans Of New York style parody Facebook page, where they upload photos of the men who they have been harassed by.

    Facebook: 1062380947179558

    "Tharki" loosely translates to pervert in Hindi.

    "We started this page on a whim after talking about how it's really irritating dealing with tharki men. We've all tried glaring back, asking 'kya hai', even making super ugly faces. But it never seems to deter them," Manjrekar told BuzzFeed.

    Facebook: 1062380947179558

    "We thought maybe if we pointed our phone cameras at them, they'd look away embarrassed. But it hasn't phased most of them," she added.

    "We only take photos when people have been constantly staring till it becomes uncomfortable, and after we've tried everything else."

    "We're obviously not making light of harassment. We want people to understand that this is just a way for us to express our frustration in a humorous manner."

    "We don't know if the page will help with anything, but it's been great reading encouraging messages from other girls."

    Better watch out, tharkis.

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