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    There's A New Meme That Celebrates The "Spoilt Modern Indian Woman"

    "The best way to beat a sexist joke is a feminist joke."

    The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman is an initiative started by Bruce Vain (not their real name) and Sonam Mittal to call out everyday sexism in society.

    One of their campaigns is a meme that crowdsources images of real Indian women and pairs them with sarcastic and hilarious captions that challenge gender stereotypes.

    "The intent behind the page is to challenge the everyday sexism, oppression and stereotypes women and sexual minorities face and the opportunities they are denied due to this," Vain told BuzzFeed.

    "The meme campaign is an extension of the same, to redefine this narrative and breaks stereotypes by introducing a plot twist to the narrative," they added.

    "The best way to beat a sexist joke is a feminist joke. So, there."

    You can follow The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman on Facebook.

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