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    The Internet Is Pissed Off At This New TV Show About Spies Who Also Have To Be Sanskari Housewives

    "The show is about three secret agents, but since they are Indian women, they operate out of the kitchen. Not sexist at all."

    SAB TV recently released promos for their new series, Trideviyaan – a show about three female secret agents.

    SAB TV

    Like any spy show, there seems to be a fair bit of ass-kicking involved.

    SAB TV

    But here's the twist. Because it's Indian television, the women ~obviously~ also have to double up as sanskari housewives when they're off the clock.

    SAB TV

    The tagline of the show is literally "Ghar bhi sambhale, aur desh ke dushmano ko bhi." (They take care of the house, as well as the country's enemies.)

    Yep. These women might be badass, but their weapon of choice is still kitchenware... Literally.

    SAB TV

    The above poster was released as a full-page ad in Mumbai Mirror today.

    The show has angered a lot of discerning audience members, who have failed to wrap their heads around the casual sexism on display here.

    Hmm. Not at all sexist. The show is about 3 secret agents... But since they are Indian women they operate out of t…

    Well done PrimeTime Indian TV. The only weapon for a female assassin or spy is kitchen equipment.…

    When you believe in women empowerment but have a target audience to cater to

    Other viewers, however, have raised more relevant queries.

    And, of course, there have been jokes.

    Lots of jokes.

    Watch the trailer for Indian TV's latest attempt at progressive programming here.