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    23 Jul 2016

    This Reddit Thread On The Best Indian Gaalis Will Increase Your Vocabulary, If Nothing Else

    Of course this post is NSFW, you ****.

    If there's one thing Indian languages aren't in lack of, it's creative ways to curse.


    So when Redditor Kakdi asked fellow users about the best Indian cusses they'd heard, it wasn't surprising that almost 250 responses were received in just a few hours.

    (The actual question just asked for the best slang, but that conversation derailed pretty quickly.)

    Users delivered in full force, and the thread filled up with the most descriptive gaalis of all time.

    Translation – I'll stick a broom up your ass and make you roam around like a peacock. 🙈

    While most of the thread was taken over by Hindi phrases, other languages got some representation too.

    You can read the entire fuckin' thread here.

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