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    6 Oct 2015

    The 15 Most Blasphemous Things Ever Said On Twitter

    Take away their internet.

    1. How dare you?

    2. Forgive her, father, for she knows not what she says.

    Sachin Tendulkar is over rated Just like Shahrukh and Salman khan.

    3. Just, no.

    Damadamm songs are better than Rockstar. Himesh > Rahman. There #isaidit

    4. *Prays for their souls*

    5. *Unreads this tweet*

    Out of all the books that I've read Chetan Bhagat books are the best 😍❤

    6. *Takes bath in holy water*

    7. Who hurt you?

    I like elaichi in biryani. Come. Kill me.

    8. Y u gotta be so sadistic?

    The mercury is soaring, the sun scorching, brilliant...but I love Delhi summers!

    9. Can't even...

    I said I love traveling even in Bangalore traffic :) :)

    10. Absolute freedom of speech must be curbed.

    Although I have ingested the atrocity that is #Maggi I'm so glad it's being banned.

    11. Lalalala can't hear you.

    12. Go back to the dark ages, you.

    13. This is why the terrorists are winning.

    Sometimes this KRK guy talks sense. Sometimes.

    14. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    Am I the only one who HATE momos. Why do people like them?

    15. *Covers children's ears*

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