7 Amazingly Specific Indian Matrimonial Sites

    There's someone out there for everyone. Literally.

    1. MarryInAWeek.com — For people who want to get married in seven days or less.

    2. IITIIMShaadi.com — Matrimonials exclusively for IIT and IIM graduates.

    3. IDontWantDowry.com - For people who don't believe in dahej.

    4. UltraRichMatch.com — Wedding bliss for the "ultra rich".

    5. MarryAnNRI.com — For people who are done with India.

    6. Date2Rishta.com — For people who want to date before getting into anything more serious. Like Tinder, for marriage.

    7. And then there's specific sites for every profession under the sun.

    Good luck, ya singles.

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