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    Last Night, I Watched Indian TV Reach Peak WTF When Its Most Popular Character Turned Into A Fly

    Couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

    Ever since it hit Indian television screens in 2011, Sasural Simar Ka has been one of the country's most watched primetime soap operas.


    Yes, that is an actual episode summary.

    However, if you're anything like me, your only exposure to this show would have been through its many contributions to the viral web.

    Yes, that is a trailer they copied from Game Of Thrones.

    Last week, this nonsense teaser for its May 15 episode started going viral, and I decided I just had to see if the show is actually THAT insane.

    When you scrape the bottom of the barrel for ideas to further the plot. Sasural Simar Ka. You've set a new standard.

    Spoiler alert: The show actually is that insane.


    Here's the lowdown – the 20-minute episode begins with a dying supernatural fairy type person, which first of all... What?


    So I read up, and it turns out that at some point in 2014, the show went balls out and pivoted from a normal saas-bahu soap to a fantasy-sci fi-mythological family drama.


    Apparently, Simar The Logic Slayer has battled everything from evil demons to an actual snake woman. (I knew time-jumps were an Indian TV thing but, guys, am I the only one who didn't know about genre-jumping wtf?)

    Coming back, the show's titular hero Simar has to save the fairy whatever by finding a cure in a jungle. She, of course, decides to do this alone, in the middle of the night.


    Unfortunately, all she ends up doing is pissing off a guru who has been meditating there for 5,000 years (I'm serious).


    So pissed off is this charming dude that he decides to curse Simar...


    And turn her into a MOTHERFRICKIN' FLY.








    Say hello to the new lead character of India's favourite primetime TV show, ladies and gents – a fucking housefly.


    It should be noted that as WTF as this twist was, it's not even an original idea. Telugu blockbuster Eega already did the same thing way back in 2012.

    SS Rajamouli Films

    So, is Indian television crazy? Hells yes. Is there any chance I'll be watching this show again? I mean...

    Have to find out how Simar returns to human form again, right?

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