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    Posted on 25 Jun 2015

    Olacabs Just Laid The Most Amazing Burn Of All Time On Uber

    Someone get the ice, please.

    Olacabs and Taxi for Sure are two of India's leading radio taxi services.

    Ola Cabs / Via

    Ola took over Taxi for Sure earlier this year in an effort to take on Uber in the Indian cab-for-hire market.

    This morning, they indulged in some cross-brand PDA on their Twitter timelines.

    Twitter: @olacabs

    The sweet talk involved a lot of humblebragging by both parties.

    Twitter: @taxiforsure

    It wasn't subtle.

    Twitter: @Olacabs

    The lovefest went on for a while before their biggest competitor, Uber, decided to step in with a little plug of their own.

    via Twitter: @Uber_India

    At which point, Ola shut them down with the sickest burn ever.

    Twitter: @Olacabs


    Columbia Pictures / Via

    In yo face, surge pricing.

    Comedy Central / Via

    Twitter users let Uber know exactly how badly they got owned.

    HAHAHAHAHAA @Olacabs epic troll backfire on @Uber_India

    @Olacabs @Uber_India Hahaha rush them to the burn unit!!

    While some were still on their side.

    @Olacabs Bro, at least @Uber_India 7X par milti to hai. Your cab walas randomly cancel #fail

    @Olacabs @Uber_India uber is best always

    Mostly, though...

    michaeljacksonVEVO / Via

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