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Olacabs Just Laid The Most Amazing Burn Of All Time On Uber

Someone get the ice, please.

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Olacabs and Taxi for Sure are two of India's leading radio taxi services.

Ola Cabs / Via

Ola took over Taxi for Sure earlier this year in an effort to take on Uber in the Indian cab-for-hire market.


Twitter users let Uber know exactly how badly they got owned.

HAHAHAHAHAA @Olacabs epic troll backfire on @Uber_India

@Olacabs @Uber_India Hahaha rush them to the burn unit!!

While some were still on their side.

@Olacabs Bro, at least @Uber_India 7X par milti to hai. Your cab walas randomly cancel #fail

@Olacabs @Uber_India uber is best always


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